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Whether you’re just starting out, or responding to increasing demand for your services, these experienced and vetted organizations will optimize your practice.

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Make Supplement Dispensing Easy

Fullscript is a free online supplement dispensary that integrates with any practice.

Choose virtual dispensing, in-office sales, one-to-many care, or whatever mix fits your workflow.

Automate refills and strengthen patient relationships from any device, even your EHR.

Order, track & get results from 30+ lab companies in one place.

Rupa is one centralized platform where practitioners can order from 30+ labs all in one place.

They have created a single place for practitioners to order, track and learn about labs. Rupa streamlines the lab ordering workflows for clinics of all sizes, from solo providers to large multi-practitioner clinics. On average, your team can expect to save over 15+ hours in admin work each week.

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Affordable Healthcare is Possible

Are you looking for an affordable and innovative solution to traditional health insurance for yourself or your practice employees? Sedera has the answer.  

With Sedera Medical Cost Sharing, each valued member of the Sedera Community participates in a voluntary exchange to help pay for one another’s large medical expenses. There are no cards or networks, and you’re free to see the providers you prefer. 

To learn more about Sedera and to become an empowered member of the community, click the button below.

Execute Powerful Marketing Campaigns

Daffnee Cohen Marketing is a full scope marketing firm specializing in all things digital marketing and personalized medicine.

Her small but powerful team effectively organizes and executes powerful marketing campaigns designed to further your business.

Daffnee also offers one-on-one coaching and consulting for businesses of all sizes designed to improve and optimize business and marketing functionality.

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Build an Effective Recruitment Process for your Integrative and Functional Medicine Practice

Craft, implement, & streamline a recruitment process tailored to your needs.

Integrated Connections Academy’s course on building an effective recruitment process is your one-stop solution for hiring in integrative and functional medicine.

Designed for clinics of all sizes, this course guides you through the essential steps to attract, evaluate, and hire the right talent. From defining roles to successful onboarding, we help you build a recruitment strategy that aligns with your practice’s unique needs, saving you time and ensuring a perfect fit for your team.

Harness the power of a virtual supplement dispensary to better your practice.

Our friends at Fullscript explain exactly how in this video.

Meet our founder, Lisa McDonald, and see how Integrated Connections can take your career and practice to the next level

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