5 Actionable Tips to Grow Your Practice, Your Reach, and Save Yourself Time

Daffnee Cohen Article

Guest Post: Daffnee Cohen. Daffnee owns and operates a full service digital marketing firm, hosts the podcast Better with Daffnee, and offers one-on-one coaching and consulting for people in all places in their careers and businesses.

Whether you have a brick and mortar business, are solely virtual, or a mix of both, growing your business, scaling appropriately, and helping patients/clients find you is always a priority. 

After working with and reaching thousands of practitioners in the functional and integrative space over the last 12 years, these are 5 of the highest value actionables you should be working on regularly to grow your business (and enjoy life while you do it!) 

1. Educate.
Generate content and put it OUT there. Let go of perfection. It doesn’t need to be professionally done (yes, you can use your smartphone).

People want to relate to you, know that you’re a real human, and connect with you. Remember, content can be anything; a short video (reels), a masterclass, a blog article, a case study, or even a recipe. Stop being shy…you know your stuff. 

Ask yourself: Without content, how will people get to know me? How will they build trust in me? How will they ever become a patient/client of mine if they don’t trust me?  

Pro Tip: YES, you can and should use AI to help create meaningful content.

2. Build the right team.
No dead weight here…
Sound harsh? You truly are only as good as the people supporting you, helping you, and working with you. Not only do you need a solid, competent, and attentive team, you need to be able to delegate things that don’t make sense for you anymore (especially as you grow).

I’m a business owner, I get it. I’ve done EVERYTHING in my business. I’ve worn every hat. But as I grew, I was able to take things off my plate and use my time for the more important things as well as the things I wanted to do more of.

Whether that means hiring another doc or PA/NP, a front desk person, a VA, or a free consult sales person, this is your sign to do it. You are only one person and you get the same hours in a day as everyone else.

Importantly, don’t ignore any red flags. If someone isn’t working out, it’s acceptable to move on. Coach and train them as you’d want for yourself. If it’s still not working out, part ways and find the right person.

3. Ask for reviews.
I know…half of you reading this are like sure why not? The other half are like CRINGE absolutely not. The truth is, they matter more than they ever have and they’ll continue to be relevant.

If you have a brick and mortar, be sure you’re collecting reviews in ONE place…Google Business.

If you’re virtual, feature them on your site on a dedicated page.

Referrals, cold, and warm leads will absolutely look for them and use them to make a decision.

When you ask for reviews, make it mission based. Reference why you do what you do. Remind people that reviews allow you to help more people. It’s well received.

How? Make the effort diverse.

  • Use the direct link from Google and create a QR code for the office.
  • Email your list.
  • Personally email the folks you know are exceptionally happy about their time with you.
  • Ask consistently. It’s not a one time thing but instead an ongoing project.

Lastly, create a goal. How many reviews can you get? Think about how those stand out next to your competitors, especially on Google Business. 100 reviews? YES PLEASE!

4. Revisit the process and the pricing
With every year that passes, every patient you help, every book you read, etc, you expand your knowledge and your ability to help people. This should be reflected in your pricing. While raising prices can be uncomfortable, do it with confidence and more importantly, do not get into specifics of why. 

You do not need to justify your costs to anyone at any point in time. Some will find it’s not a great fit for them anymore and most will be fine with it. Any discomfort is a result of our own lack of confidence in ourselves.

Additionally, take a look at what you’re doing and ask yourself how it can improve? Can it be better? Can the experience for your patients/clients be better? There’s no need to reinvent the wheel every quarter, but there’s always room for small optimizations.


5. Ask for help.
Yes, I know, I said find the right team. Still do that. But lean on your support circle. Your partner, your family, friends, colleagues, or even a business coach. I joke (mostly a joke) that part of my job is just playing friend/therapist for my clients. Sometimes you need an outside brain to say YES, that’s a wonderful idea, go for it. OR, sometimes you need someone to say NA, maybe next year we revisit that one.

Asking for help doesn’t make you weak or silly. The most successful people in this space aren’t afraid to share best practices while asking for suggestions. 

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