Employer and Candidate Testimonials

I have used Integrated Connections for years to find qualified and excellent practitioners for my clinic. I have been consistently delighted. Each time the process has been smooth and easy. I know Lisa McDonald and her staff personally and they have always gone the extra mile. They care, they respond, and they do a beautiful job. Most recently, during the pandemic, I advertised for a provider position and received 30 applications from qualified applicants and had to close the application process after only four days because of the volume and quality of candidates. This allowed me to put energy into the interview process and finding that mutual fit. I’m very grateful for Lisa and what she has created over the years. She offers an invaluable service to support us as practitioners, so we can provide the best patient care possible. Thank you Lisa.


Practice Owner | Pennsylvania

Working with Integrated Connections was integral in finding the job of my dreams. Lisa went above and beyond in supporting me through-out the process, from the interview stage to signing my contract.


Nurse Practitioner, IFMCP

I attended the CV and Cover Letter courses today. They helped me immensely with revising my resume and cover letter. Thank you!

RN, Health & Wellness Coach

Integrated Connections was instrumental in finding the right physicians to transform my practice into a Functional Medicine group. The physicians Lisa placed were prepared for the demands of their positions and understood the strategic vision I had for the practice. I consider Integrated Connections an invaluable resource as I look to continue the growth of my practice.


Functional Medicine Practice | Nevada

Lisa has the expertise in HR and Integrative and Functional Medicine that is invaluable for practice owners in managing their most valuable asset, their employees.

Dr. Dan Kalish

I am delighted to recommend Integrated Connections and Lisa McDonald as an excellent resource for connecting like-minded practitioners. She helped me focus my search with excellent suggestions and made this available at a very reasonable price. I had a response that led to a new employee within a week.  I had been searching on my own for over 6 months. Thank you so much Lisa.

Gail Eberharter, MD