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Integrated Connections is the leading site for healthcare professionals who want to grow a career or practice in personalized and holistic medical care.

We are the premier recruiting firm dedicated to just this field, and host the largest job board for holistic, lifestyle, integrative, and functional medicine careers. We also provide an HR Support Center for private medical practices.

Since 2009, we’ve been growing our platform with content and resources to support this rapidly growing movement.

We have the resources you need to grow a career in personalized medicine.

What Candidates are Saying

Integrated Connections is an excellent resource. They helped me build my Functional Medicine resume and helped me tremendously during my transition to this field.

Physician Assistant

I highly recommend working with Lisa McDonald and Integrated Connections for any physician or clinician who seeks to advance their career in Personalized Medicine.

Lisa has connected me to leadership and consulting opportunities.  She has a wealth of valuable knowledge and information in healthcare, particularly the integrative and functional medicine space.
Medical Director & Consultant
North Carolina 

As a new FNP certifying in functional medicine and desiring to shape my career in the  Functional Medicine/Integrative Medicine industry, I found the resources and information that  Integrated Connections provide as invaluable. The blogs are continually updated, and the CV and cover letter online sessions provided very beneficial insights in how to attract potential  employers.

Family Nurse Practitioner

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