Lisa McDonald founded Integrated Connections in 2009 with a vision to support the transformation of healthcare.  She experienced the transformative powers of Integrative and Functional Medicine personally and was committed to supporting the growth of this medicine.

Lisa combined her 12 years of Human Resources Management experience with a passion and in-depth understanding of the field and established Integrated Connections.

Integrated Connections is a leading-edge healthcare staffing firm that specializes exclusively in Integrative and Functional Medicine career placements. 

Over the years, Integrated Connections, LLC has adapted to the changing climate of healthcare and continued growth of Integrative and Functional Medicine.  In 2014 the services were expanded from recruitment to include a much needed job posting board for the field.  In 2015 consulting services were added in response to larger organizations needing support with their existing recruitment efforts for providers.

Integrated Connections, LLC witnessed the increasing growth of Functional Medicine and it was apparent a larger platform was necessary to support the explosion of opportunities in the field.  In 2016 Integrated Connections, LLC was thrilled to join a collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the global leader in Functional Medicine.  The collaboration between Integrated Connections and The Institute for Functional Medicine is instrumental in supporting the growth of this field of medicine and transforming healthcare.

What Clients Are Saying

While many individuals and organizations are currently talking about developing integrative and/or Functional Medicine services, Lisa McDonald of Integrated Connections possesses the rare content knowledge necessary to make these services a reality for solo and small group practices.

I am delighted to recommend Integrated Connections and Lisa McDonald as an excellent resource for connecting like-minded practitioners. She helped me focus my search with excellent suggestions and made this available at a very reasonable price. I had a response that led to a new employee within a week.  I had been searching on my own for over 6 months. Thank you so much Lisa.

I am writing this recommendation on behalf of Lisa who is truly gifted at what she does and is a gift to others through the much needed services she offers to the world of integrative medicine. She brings tremendous expertise and compassion to her work bringing together like-minded individuals who seek to be the change they wish to see in the world through her personal convictions that are shaped by her own powerful experiences with integrative medicine. She has an unparalleled knowledge of the people, the specialty, and the opportunities that exist for integrative practitioners. If you are an integrative practice looking for healers or an integrative healer looking for a practice that embodies your values, you need look no further than Lisa McDonald to make your dreams a reality.

Lisa is unique in that she not only has an intuitive feel for placement of the right people in ideal positions, but she is meticulous in conveying each side’s exact intentions during the process. There are no ‘surprises’ when she lists, connects or negotiates for two parties.

Professional, trustworthy, big picture AND detail-oriented are apt descriptors. Lisa McDonald is a professional in every sense of the word.