What is Functional Medicine, and Is It Right for You and Your Patients?

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Many healthcare practices and candidates come to Integrated Connections seeking career and practice growth assistance. Some practices seek support in response to their rapid growth as a result of patient demand. And some candidates seek guidance on how to grow a career in the field once they’ve completed certification and/or education in Functional Medicine.

However, many reach out to us for information and assistance because they are completely new to the concepts of Functional Medicine and want to learn more. If this describes you, and you’d like to learn more about what it is, and if it’s right for you and your patients, please read on.

Functional Medicine is a science-backed, systems-based root cause approach to medical care that examines each patient’s entire health and wellness status, including all their biological systems, as well as their biological and genetic makeup. Functional medicine is not anti-conventional – in fact, many conventional physicians and clinicians obtain their certification in Functional Medicine to build upon their existing practices and to offer a more comprehensive, personalized approach to care, especially for their patients who are dealing with chronic illness or other types of conditions that are often difficult to treat with conventional medicine alone.

There hasn’t been a significant amount of information about functional medicine available in mainstream media. However, this gap in information is starting to shift. In fact, functional medicine was recently featured in a Today Show news segment. I believe the shift is a result of the significant increase in patient demand for this approach to healthcare. Patients are seeking this personalized care in record numbers because it addresses their complex health issues by treating the root cause of illness, and restores their health.

I  contributed to an article in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution regarding the benefits of functional medicine, and how it helps so many patients that conventional medicine struggles to help. The Institute of Functional Medicine (IFM), the most recognized certification program for practicing functional medicine also contributed to this piece.

To learn more about functional medicine from clinicians who practice it, from their patients, and from myself and IFM, read the AJC article here.

Resources to jumpstart your career or practice in Functional Medicine

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