Four Tips for Creating Your Integrative and Functional Medicine Job Board Posting

Integrated Connections is the leading-edge healthcare staffing firm that specializes exclusively in Integrative and Functional Medicine career placements. We make it easy to hire a Functional Medicine practitioner for your job opening at a time when public demand for Integrative and Functional Medicine is increasing. We do this through the use of our career platform, In fact, we have the most robust job posting service in the field.

However, despite the fact that patient-centered care is becoming the preferred pathway to total health, this field can be difficult to recruit for. Not only do some positions require specialized training and experience that can be difficult to source for, but there is also a smaller pool of candidates to choose from. The number of practitioners getting trained is growing, but still relatively small compared to the chronically ill population, and the entire healthcare workforce, which is experiencing its own shortage.

This is why crafting a thorough and compelling Functional Medicine Job board posting is of the utmost importance. Luckily, we can help you out with that. Here are four tips for creating your Integrative and Functional Medicine Job Board Posting.

  1. Preparation and Pre-Work

Don’t start crafting your post without first doing all of the necessary preparation and pre-work. You should already have a job description created, complete with compensation information. Defining the position responsibilities, pay structure, and what an ideal candidate looks like for you are the critical first steps. This will ensure that you’re attracting the right candidate.

  1. Showcase Your Organization

An organization’s overall culture has a significant impact on a candidate’s decision to apply for and accept a position. In essence, this Integrative Medicine Job Board posting is a marketing tool. Use attractive language that highlights why a practitioner would want to work at your medical practice. What are the benefits of joining your organization? Of course benefits and compensation are important to share, but in a competitive environment, it is also imperative to point out attractive intangibles. What sets your organization apart?

By highlighting your Integrative and Functional Medicine practice in a positive light, as a place that offers patient-centered care resulting in a nurturing culture and supportive environment for staff and patients alike, you will draw quality candidates that align with your culture. Focusing on these types of intangibles has become even more important with the current shortage of primary care physicians. Conventional medicine is offering more competitive salaries to combat this shortage. In fact, the AMA predicts that there will be a shortage of over 100,000 doctors by 2030. Keeping this information in mind, it’s more important than ever to showcase all of the benefits of your organization. Do you provide training or mentoring? Do you tout an environment that encourages growth and learning? Do you schedule regular meetings that foster an environment of collaboration? Do you offer a flexible schedule? Make sure to include this type of information in your posting.

  1. Tap Into the Interconnectedness of the Integrative and Functional Medicine Community

As highlighted in one of our previous blog posts, finding your community is instinctual and a fundamental human need. This definitely rings true when finding your Integrative and Functional Medicine community. Taking the leap to practice Integrative and Functional Medicine requires the interconnectedness of a community in order to fully grow and prosper in the field. You can appeal to this need when crafting your Functional Medicine Job Board posting. You can include links to your website, social media, and a relevant video. Help paint a picture of what a great organization you have and why they would want to join your community. How is your online presence? Does it also convey to potential candidates what you want it to?

You can also highlight the support system that they’ll have access to within your practice. Practitioners in this field want more time with their patients. An adequate support system allows them access to resources that enable them to provide the best care for their patients. So include whether you have nutritionists, health coaches, an education platform for patients, any integrative practitioners, or therapies on site.

  1. Cast a Wide Net

It’s important to clearly communicate tasks and responsibilities but also to cast a wide net. I often talk with employers about not setting the bar too high. I understand that they would prefer to hire candidates with certifications/fellowships and practical experience in the field, but the reality is that we are dealing with a smaller pool that is still emerging. My motto is “hire character and train skill.” You can always teach new skills, but you can’t teach personality, passion, emotional intelligence, or purpose.

Effectively communicating the tasks and responsibilities involved in the position is also important. One of the most basic ways to ensure that you attract the candidate that best aligns with your opening is to accurately detail the nature of the open position.

Whatever type of Integrative or Functional Medicine practitioner you’re looking to hire, we have exactly what you need to find them. We offer the most robust and complete service for posting job opportunities for professionals in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine. Our job posting service includes a monthly jobs alert email to 4,700 providers who have subscribed to our announcements, and the open rate is well above the industry average, at 30+ percent. In addition to the eBlast, we include a link to the job board in the monthly newsletter to the 4,700 providers. Jobs are also promoted on our very active social media, including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

We at Integrated Connections provide unparalleled service because of our depth of knowledge of the field. Our strength lies in utilizing this knowledge and our connections in the field. We connect the right people to the right jobs.