5 Reasons Why Integrated Connections Is the Best Placement Service to Hire an Integrative and Functional Medicine Professional

Hire Integrative Medicine Doctor

When it comes to hiring an Integrative and Functional Medicine practitioner for your medical office or organization, we understand the need to hire only the best and most capable candidates. Whether you’re searching for an Integrative or Functional Medicine Doctor, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Health Coach, or Nutritionist, we here at Integrated Connections know that the quality of your practice is equal only to the quality of the professionals within your practice.

Integrated Connections is the leading-edge healthcare staffing firm, specializing exclusively in Integrative and Functional Medicine career placements. We make it easy to hire an Integrative Medicine Practitioner for your job opening at a time when public demand for Integrative and Functional Medicine is increasing and patient-centered care is becoming the preferred pathway to total health. We network with the most knowledgeable and inspiring healthcare providers who are committed to getting to the root cause of illness and transforming people’s health and lives.  

We are THE Connector for both employees and employers in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine and have been since 2009. If you’re looking to hire a Functional Medicine Practitioner, here are four reasons why we’re the best placement service to consider:

  1. The Most Robust Job Posting Platform in the Field

We offer the most robust and complete service for posting job opportunities for professionals in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine. Our job posting service includes a monthly jobs alert email to 4,700 providers who have subscribed to our announcements, and the open rate is well above the industry average, at 30+ percent. In addition to the eBlast, we include a link to the job board in our monthly newsletter to the 4,700 providers. Jobs are also promoted on our very active social media including LinkedIn and Facebook.

We also understand the importance of making sure that the most viable audience looks at our job board regularly; therefore, our website is updated regularly to ensure candidates find our site first when searching for jobs in the Integrative and Functional Medicine field. Due to the fact that we have a dedicated website for career opportunities in the field, candidates who Google jobs in Integrative and Functional Medicine consistently see our site on the first page of Google listings.

Connection is of the utmost importance at Integrated Connections, which is why we provide and update content regularly on the site to support candidates in their search for a career opportunity. We keep candidates engaged and CONNECTED so they view our jobs regularly and get the support they need to find the perfect opportunity, which results in you acquiring the perfect candidate.

  1. Quality Is Key

We ensure a high level of quality in our postings, and because we are a niche job board tailored specifically to the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine only, we attract more credible, engaged, and enthusiastic employers and employees than any other general forum. Our quality postings, career resources, and niche job board enable us to be the best connector and employment support for employers and candidates within this field.

  1. Collaboration with the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM)

Integrated Connections has been at the cusp of the Functional Medicine movement since 2009. As demand for Functional Medicine increases, so does interest in Functional Medicine Practitioners, particularly those trained by IFM. In 2016, Integrated Connections was thrilled to collaborate with the Institute for Functional Medicine, the global leader in Functional Medicine. The partnership between Integrated Connections and IFM is helping to meet this demand and resulted in the creation of this leading platform for matching Functional Medicine clinicians with employment opportunities – Integrated and Functional Connections. This collaboration is instrumental in supporting the growth of this field of medicine and transforming healthcare. Lean more about our partnership with IFM here.

  1. Benefits That Free Job Boards Don’t Offer

Job postings on the Integrated and Functional Connections (IFC) website cost $495 for a 90-day posting or $395 for IFM members. When it comes to our job board, you get what you pay for, which is a lot. We offer benefits that other free job boards don’t have the capability of offering. We offer a jobs eBlast once per month; a dedicated website with top-notch Search Engine Optimization to ensure that we’re at the top of the Google listings for terms regarding hiring within functional medicine; promotions on social media; and job marketing at conferences in collaboration with IFM.

AND, IFM provides links on their homepage to IFC, directing candidates looking for a professional opportunity in the field to our platform.

  1. Recruitment Services

In addition to our robust and unparalleled job posting platform, Integrated & Functional Connections offers recruitment services for larger practices and health systems that need additional support in their recruitment efforts. We provide full-service staffing for the medical community in search of Functional Medicine providers. And while every organization operates under their own unique model, we strive to understand your model so that we can best target your needs and identify the most qualified, suited candidate to fulfill your staffing needs.

We support you throughout the entire recruitment process, from the selection and interview process to offers and salary negotiations. Learn more about our recruitment services and contact us today for a customized recruitment proposal for your search.

If your organization is looking to hire a Functional Medicine Doctor, or if you’re looking for an expert professional in the specialized field of Integrative and Functional Medicine, we have exactly what you need. We provide unparalleled service because of our depth of knowledge of the field. Our strength lies in utilizing this knowledge and our connections in the field.

At Integrated & Functional Connections, we will help you tell the medical world about your job opening so you can source the perfect candidate for your practice. Meet your staffing goals now by posting your new Integrative and Functional Medicine position on our job board at www.integratedconnects.com.