A Decade and a Half of Transformation: Celebrating 15 Years of Integrated Connections

Text "Celebrating 15 years of Integrated Connections" overlaying water creating a ripple.

Integrated Connections is marking its 15th anniversary this month—a milestone that fills me with both awe and appreciation. It’s incredible to reflect on the journey since I first pursued the dream of establishing a business dedicated to transforming healthcare.

This month has been a time of profound reflection for me- a chance to acknowledge the highs and lows of this path. Throughout it all, I find myself overwhelmingly filled with gratitude. What resonates with me most is the privilege I have of collaborating with courageous trail blazers who are committed to reshaping healthcare into a patient-centered, root-cause approach.

Integrated Connections has evolved tremendously over the years as a response to the needs of this industry. The growth of our job board, the expansion of recruitment, and new consulting services, have all been a direct reflection of patients needing and seeking this medicine, and the clinicians who are stepping up to provide it.

I realized what I truly want to celebrate is the impact Integrated Connections has had on supporting clinicians to forge careers that transform countless lives. It’s a ripple effect, and one that I’ve experienced personally.

My journey began as a patient, desperate for answers and relief in the face of persistent illness. I understand the frustration of seeking help from multiple physicians, only to find no resolution and leave with more questions than answers. It was a journey that sapped my hope and impacted the lives of those closest to me. But then, a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of an integrative and functional medicine provider, and long story, short: that is how Integrated Connections was founded.

Having experienced the transformative power of integrative and functional medicine, I knew I had to dedicate myself to supporting and advancing this field. Through Integrated Connections, we’ve empowered thousands to pursue careers that not only fulfill them, but also positively impact countless others.

The ripple effect goes beyond professional fulfillment—it extends to personal growth and family. As a single mother, my ability to nurture and guide my children was amplified by my own health and happiness, and it made the purpose-driven work I do possible. Being a role model for them underscores the profound ripple effect of Integrated Connections’ mission.

To the clinicians who have joined us on this groundbreaking journey, thank you for your unwavering dedication to restoring hope and improving lives, making the world a better place one patient at a time.

I’m deeply grateful for the trust bestowed upon us by candidates and clients alike over the years. And, to everyone who has supported Integrated Connections along the way, your contributions have been invaluable, and I extend my heartfelt appreciation.

When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. – Paulo Coelho