Integrative, Longevity and Functional Medicine Health Experts to Follow in 2023

As hosts of the largest hiring and career platform for Personalized Medicine, we are excited to reveal our FIRST ever list of recognized Integrative, Functional and Longevity Medicine experts in optimizing health and managing chronic illnesses.

In consulting with practitioners over the years regarding the careers in the personalized medicine movement, we’re often asked how they can learn more about the field from clinical experts, including which clinicians to follow online. Practitioners are seeking opportunities to advance their knowledge on a specific chronic illness, or optimizing health to live longer and healthier lives.

It’s no surprise that these inquiries continue to increase as patient demand grows for personalized medicine approaches to care.

Personalized Medicine clinicians are in demand as chronic illness becomes more prevalent. About 85% of older adults have at least one chronic disease, and more than two-thirds of all health care costs are dedicated to the treatment of chronic diseases.

And on the flip side, an increasing number of patients are seeking longevity solutions to optimize health and increase life span. Longevity medicine is a rapidly growing field that focuses on advanced personalized preventive medicine.

While Integrative and Functional Medicine do have specialized, accredited programs for certification, there lies within the field its own specialties. Complex chronic illnesses such as mold, Lyme and cancer can require additional education and application to become proficient in developing effective personalized treatment plans.   I believe that integrative and functional medicine will continue to grow and subsequently develop more defined subspecialties, much like conventional medicine has.

To help our community members stay on top of the emerging and cutting-edge personalized medicine trends and growth, we are providing a valuable and unique resource. A directory of vetted experts in the field.

We completed this project to share credible and trusted specialists in personalized medicine who possess the knowledge, training and expertise to be a recognized expert in a particular area.

To that end, we consulted with leading educators and experienced clinicians throughout the industry for their opinions and recommendations. We then surveyed the practitioners in our network of functional and integrative medicine professionals for their insight as well.

For the purposes of this list, we included ONLY those professionals who have obtained the most appropriate certification, and/or educators and speakers who are widely sought-after for their extensive experience in applying their knowledge.

We are very excited to present this resource to you and hope you will follow all of the experts on this list if you’re not already. You’ll learn so much from these health experts about optimizing health and about the field of personalized medicine.

You can find that directory HERE.


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