Terms and Conditions and License to Use by Employers

Last Updated 9/29/21

In addition to the Website Terms and Conditions, the following terms apply to all Employers and other users who access or use the Integrated Connection’s website (the “Site”) as intended for individuals and organizations seeking to make available information regarding employment openings on their behalf, or on behalf of others. Capitalized terms not defined here are defined in the Website Terms and Conditions.

Limited License

Integrated Connections, LLC (“Integrated Connections”, “we”, “our”) hereby grants you a nonexclusive, limited, terminable, right to access and post on the Site for your professional purpose of obtaining employees directly for your company or a company that you directly represent. For purposes of this Terms and Conditions and License to Use by Employers, “employer”, or “you” or “your” shall mean you, the individual or organization accessing the Website in his, her, or its capacity as an employer.

By posting to our job board, you agree to receive emails or phone calls from Integrated Connections.

Information submitted by Employers is stored on our secure web servers. Your information is never shared without your permission. For more information on how we use and store User information is available in our Privacy Policy, and available here. We utilize third party service providers to process payment. You can learn more about how your payment information is stored here.

By posting on this Website you represent to us that you are an Employer and posting Employer Materials, including but not limited to job data, for positions in organizations that you own, manage, or are otherwise working within the scope of your employment for Employer.

Third-party recruiters, agencies and brokers are not permitted to post to this site. You are not allowed to post job data on behalf of a consortium, job network, data aggregation service, search engine, or other entity not directly responsible for the position in question.

All users posting Employer Materials to the Website must have obtained consent from any/all business entities to post Employer Materials regarding their specific job search or position posting. Making material misstatements, false, claims, or otherwise misrepresenting your position with the Employer may be actionable in a court of law. Any Employer or Website User found in violation of this policy will be prohibited from using the Website, have their account terminated, and/or have their IP address banned, in our sole discretion. We may take other legal action against you as we deem necessary for violation of this policy.

Third Party Recruiters, Agencies and Brokers

Third party recruiters, agencies and brokers are not permitted to post to this site.

Third-party recruiters, agencies and brokers are agencies, organizations, or individuals recruiting candidates for temporary, part-time, or full-time employment opportunities other than for their own needs or brokering sales for practices not owned by them. This includes entities that refer or recruit for profit or not for profit, and it includes agencies that collect Candidate information to be disclosed to employers for purposes of recruitment and employment.  This definition includes, but is not limited to:

Employment agencies—Organizations that list positions for a number of client organizations and receives payment when a referred candidate is hired.

Search firms—Organizations that contract with clients to find and screen qualified persons to fill specific positions. The fees for this service are paid by the clients.

Contract recruiters—Organizations that contract with an employer to act as the employer’s agent in the recruiting and employment function.

Online job posting or resume referral services—For-profit or commercial organizations that collect data on job seekers and display job opportunities to which job seekers may apply. The data collected on job seekers are sent to prospective employers. Fees for using the services may exist for the employer or job seeker.

Policy and Procedures for Job Postings

We maintain strict quality assurance policies for our database of jobs. To post jobs on our Website, such posting must meet the following requirements:

  • Your jobs must include complete titles, descriptions and locations.
  • Employers must purchase a job posting for each state. If hiring for multiple positions in one state, employers may combine the job posting into one. If hiring for remote positions, employers may list the location as Remote and list state licensing requirements in the body of the posting.
  • Contact information including a valid contact e-mail address or URL must be supplied for each job posting.
  • All Employer Materials must comply with applicable state, federal, and local law.
  • Employer Materials shall not violate the right of any third party or organization, including but not limited to intellectual property rights.

Failure to comply with these guidelines will result in your posting being removed from our Site and/or your account being suspended, or terminated, in our Sole Discretion.

Compliance with Law

All postings on the Site shall comply with applicable state and federal law, including but not limited to federal antidiscrimination laws. You agree and acknowledge that we do not review job postings to the Site for legal compliance, and that you are responsible for complying with applicable law regarding your organization, its hiring practices, and job postings. You further represent, covenant, and warrant that any materials provided by you for use in connection with the Site, including but not limited to job postings, will not violate any laws or regulations or third party proprietary rights, including without limitation copyright, trademark, obscenity, rights of publicity or privacy, antidiscrimination, and defamation laws. We reserve the right to terminate your account and remove any job posting that we believe is in violation of law, in our sole discretion.

You hereby hold harmless and indemnify Integrated Connections and its officers, directors, employees, agents, affiliates, successors, and permitted assigns (each an “Indemnified Party”) against any losses, damages, liabilities, deficiencies, claims, actions, judgments, settlements, interest, awards, penalties, fines, costs, or expenses of whatever kind, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, that are incurred by an Indemnified Party (collectively “Losses”) arising out of or related to any third party claim arising out of breach of these terms or conditions.

Prohibited Conduct

The following conduct is prohibited:

  • Selling, transferring, or assigning any of the Service or your rights to any of the Services provided by Integrated Connections to any third party without the express written authority of Integrated Connections;
  • Engaging in Applicant Harvesting or similar practices. “Applicant Harvesting” is defined as the process of obtaining information (personal, employment or otherwise) about a job candidate by using false, fictitious, misleading or alluring job postings to unfairly entice a job seeker to divulge personal, employment or other information that he or she would not divulge if the intent of such a job posting were known by the job seeker;
  • Responding to Employer Material, including job postings by other Users in any manner or for any purpose other than that which is intended (i.e., to apply for the job or to initiate further discussion with the Candidate). Communications soliciting a third party employer’s business is expressly prohibited;
  • Violating or attempting to violate the security of the website,
  • Accessing data not intended for such User or logging into a server or account which the User is not authorized to access;
  • Probing, scanning, or testing the vulnerability of a system or network or to breach security or authentication measures without proper authorization;
  • Attempting to interfere with service to any User, host or network, including, without limitation, via means of submitting a virus to the Site, or other acts such as “overloading” or “flooding”;
  • Sending unsolicited e-mail to Users, including promotions and/or advertising of products or services;

Cancellation or Termination of Services

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any Services for violation of our terms and conditions, in our sole discretion.

If you wish to cancel Services, written notice to us of such cancellation must be provided in written correspondence. Please note that Job Postings are paid in full at time of posting and there will be no refunds for early termination of job postings.