Functional Integrative Nutritionist for Group Coaching Program Online

Job Details

Transform Autoimmune Disease Naturally with Maggie Yu MD is an online coaching company that works directly with groups of clients in an online setting to provide dramatic autoimmune disease turn around. In the 2 years since the inception of the program, we have helped hundreds of clients turn around impossible to treat autoimmune diseases.  We have an active Facebook group with over 20K members, a YouTube channel, podcast, and an active alumni community across the globe.   We currently have 40+ client video case studies who’ve been through our program on our Facebook page.  Our mission is simple.  We believe that by working directly with clients in group coaching; using data, education, live coaching, mindset work, fueled by the power of our community, we train our clients to finally be the pilot and not their passenger in their health.  AND..we can prove it!

Position description:

Working along side with Maggie Yu MD, a functional medicine physician who focuses on autoimmune disease, the nutritionist will be providing food journal reviews, support, and direct teaching to individual clients in a group setting so that everyone can learn from it.   The program deals with all autoimmune diseases and includes all age groups.

Typical coaching calls will involve 20-40 clients all submitting questions to be answered on the coaching calls.   Specific questions will be submitted prior to the call to the nutritionist.  Food journals to be reviewed 1-2/call will be submitted prior.

Principles of integrative and functional nutrition as applied to autoimmune disease will be the foundation with which the client interactions will be built.   You will receive specific training centered around how these principles apply in clients with autoimmune disease.

Are you a leader and an extrovert? This is a leadership position in group coaching with requirement for a dynamic visible as part of the face of the brand and company for leaders who want to have speaking responsibilities through video to our YouTube Channel and Facebook groups.

Part time position that will evolve over time, depending on role.  Currently the role is approximately 5 hours per week of client coaching time, however there are other roles in the company that the position can absolutely evolve into as the growth of the company.  We are seeing individuals who love to present, teach, and be comfortable on video to fulfill a variety of marketing and public content.


  • Minimum 1 year experience with clients with autoimmune diseases such as ulcerative colitis, crohns, RA, Hashimoto’s is required.  However, there will be extensive training to learn our specific protocol and methodology with our clients.
  • Certification/training program in functional or integrative nutrition
  • Dynamic fun extrovert personality able to teach in front of a group, live on video is a must
  • Computer literacy with use of zoom for video conferencing, email and attachment of files, ability to create handouts using Canva or other publishing tools
  • Camera presence – must love to be in front of the camera to create video content for our 20K plus facebook group and youtube channel. This is pivotal to our brand and program to educate the public about a functional medicine approach to autoimmunity
  • Social media savvy:  must enjoy Facebook posting and interaction, LinkedIn

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Serious inquiries only. To apply, submit your CV.   The application must include a link to a 2 minute video on Vimeo or YouTube about why you think you should be working for Transform.  Applications will not move forward or be considered without the video.