Integrated Physician Wanted

Job Details

Large, fully equipped clinic is looking for a dedicated physician with good clinical skills who is interested in integrative medicine.  Our clinic director and founder who is world renowned for oxidative medicine is looking to cut back and devote more time to research and teaching.  This is an exceptional opportunity for the right physician to work in and eventually buy in to a beautiful, successful, multi-modality integrative medical clinic that has been in practice for 30 years.

Go to our web site to see the kinds of things we can do.

We have full state of the art IV and detoxification capabilities, Photon and PEMF capabilities, neurofeedback therapies, pain management therapies, regenerative therapies, cosmetic therapies, a complete supplement store, and complete testing facilities including in house VO2 testing, thermography, glycation assessment, body composition test and more.

We offer integrative and alternative therapies for all diseases and conditions including cancer, auto-immune disease, degenerative diseases, acute diseases, infectious diseases, etc. We also have a major focus on preventive, anti-aging therapies designed to prevent disease and maximize lifespan and functionality.

We are fully able to train in every aspect of what we do.

The only qualifications we expect is dedication, humility, desire to learn, work ethic, and good clinical skills.