Functional Medicine/Integrative Physician

Job Details

The Center for Health & Wellbeing (CHWB) seeks a Functional Medicine/Integrative Physician to join our team. CHWB is an integrative medical practice in which MDs, DCs, NDs, DOs, and NPs work in unison to provide outstanding patient centered care.

We have a full service IV center within our practice in which we provide essential nutrient repletion as well as therapeutic IVs.

Our ideal candidate would be a licensed MD or DO who wants to be part of a dynamic, patient centered, team providing excellent healthcare to integrative medical standards, addressing the underlying cause of dis-ease. Training in functional medicine and/or integrative medicine is preferred.

Specialty services offered at our clinic include NAD Therapies, which would fall within oversight of the candidate as well as IV services.  IV therapy knowledge is a must, with additional training available with regard to NAD protocols.

CHWB provides medical staffing, billing and marketing.