Clinic Operations Manager

Job Details

Sophia Health Institute is on a mission to help patients who are suffering from chronic illness, in three key areas: developing cutting edge therapies to shorten the time patients need treatment, training future leaders in the field of chronic illness, and providing access to Sophia medicine in more communities across the country and around the world.

The vision of Sophia Health Institute is to be a hub of world class patient care and innovation in a team setting.  From this hub, our goal is to create a global network of clinics based on the model of Sophia Health Institute.

Sophia has been successful and growing from the day of its inception in September 2012.  The foundation has been laid and SHI has a highly talented and growing team of practitioners.

About Sophia Leadership

Sophia is the clinic of Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt who has pioneered the treatment of chronic illness including persistent Lyme disease.  He has been in practice over 42 years and continues to travel the globe educating patients and practitioners and searching for the latest treatments.

Dr. Christine Schaffner has co-created Sophia Health Institute with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  She is a Naturopathic Physician and Clinic Director.  She has dedicated her life to seeing the vision of Sophia become a reality and finds great joy in helping patients.

Destiny Chirls is the Clinic Manager and has tremendous dedication and commitment to the team and patients.  Ms. Chirls is the heart of Sophia.

About the Position

SHI is looking for a Clinic Operations Manager (Integrator) to take the clinic and the vision to the next level.  Integrator is a term used by the book Rocket Fuel by Gino Wickman and Mark Winters, which inspired this role.

The ideal candidate is passionate about alternative medicine and helping patients heal and transform through their journey.  The Clinic Operations Manager is responsible for leading, planning, directing, monitoring and improving the overall performance for Sophia. Engaging staff and cultivating a positive culture that prioritizes human kindness and patient-centric care consistent with Sophia’s methods and culture.

This person loves creating order from chaos and taking abstract ideas and turning them into concrete plans.  The Clinic Operations Manager is accountable for operational, financial, clinical, quality, and business development activities.

The ideal candidate is highly organized, analytical, ensuring projects get implemented and completed.  SHI has a family like vibe and this position requires a caring, compassionate, flexible, team player that has a positive attitude. We are looking for a visible, results oriented, and nimble leader with a reputation of doing what it takes to get the job done while ensuring strong interpersonal relationships; someone who puts the interests of the organization ahead of personal interests. They employ a style that is transparent, credible, and focused on relationship building, influence, conviction, innovation and integrity.

Has a high degree of resilience, a sense of urgency, is outcome driven and can thrive in an environment of rapid change while effectively managing pressure in a professional manner. Ability to effectively direct and motivate others, including leaders of teams. Ability to organize and set priorities to ensure that objectives are met. Ability to work effectively and independently under pressure with a minimum of direction.

The scope of the Manager’s responsibilities will include special projects, related to the patient experience, continuing education for the staff, as well as systemization of resources and processes. In 2017, we envision an online learning community for patients and training certifications for practitioners.  In addition, we would like create the Sophia Fund to help offer scholarships for patients and fund research.

Effective knowledge of computers, systems and software, including word processing, spreadsheet, data base, clinical information systems, electronic medical records, billing systems, and other application packages to perform all required responsibilities.

Minimum of five years of recent naturopathic or healthcare administration and management experience. Demonstrated ability to effectively lead productive teams. Strong knowledge of business and management principles, human resources, budget control, accounting principles, management reports, and purchasing and patient billing systems. Experience in marketing a plus.

Bachelors degree in business, finance or healthcare administration or related field, or equivalent combination of experience and education.

There is a tremendous opportunity for growth in this position.  The ideal candidate will focus on delivering value from day one.  As the vision becomes a reality, compensation will be commensurate to what the candidate contributes.  Salary, benefits, plus bonus.

If this vision speaks to you, please do the following:

•       Email resume and cover letter to with the subject: My Request for Consideration