Telehealth Physician or NP Practitioner for Complex Illness Care

  • Telemedicine: Full or Part Time
  • Remote
  • RTHM
  • Hourly Salary ($): $125 (MD/DO), $85 (NP)
Telemedicine: Full or Part Time
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Telehealth Physician Practitioner for Complex Illness Care

Contractor – part time remote

With option to hire or remain on as a contractor after that point.

Competitive pay, equity stake for those who are hired on after 6 mos.

Position is fully remote, with the option to do some home visits for particularly disabled patients in your local area, if desired.

We are seeking:

  • A board certified physician with a minimum of 2 years of experience in Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Primary Care, Neurology (inpatient or outpatient), Cardiology (inpatient or outpatient), PM&R, or functional medicine
  • Physicians who are licensed in any of the following states: California, New York — additional state telehealth or full licenses are a plus!
  • Physicians who are motivated by RTHM’s mission to integrate research into clinical care for complex illness to learn everything we can from every step of the care journey to drive development of better testing & treatment for poorly understood diseases, starting with Long COVID/PASC.
  • A curious, detail-oriented individual who enjoys learning and problem solving both independently and with a team, and is willing to research and reach out for support on patient cases when needed
  • A compassionate individual who genuinely enjoys helping people and is able to build rapport with patients easily, recognize & adapt their interaction style & plan for patients who may struggle with cognitive impairments, post exertional malaise, severe sensitivity to bright lights or loud sounds, or disillusionment with the healthcare system.
  • Someone who is able to balance allowing patients to feel heard with staying on time with visits by tactfully maintaining boundaries.
  • Someone understanding & open-minded about illnesses that are not fully medically understood yet, who doesn’t jump to somatization as the cause when an illness is multi-symptom in nature and evolving.
  • A provider dedicated to providing a positive care experience via telemedicine for people who need help for a condition that is still being understood, many of whom have had less-than-positive interactions with healthcare since they came down with long COVID.
  • Care providers who are flexible and interested in working in a telemedicine environment as part of a healthcare/research startup company. Providers will be playing a role in helping shape the direction, culture and impact of the company as it grows! There will be frequent change, product improvements, and it is helpful if providers are comfortable using new technology and software.
  • Computer skills are helpful: including typing speed, email, web-based research, working in several browser or provider interface windows.


  • Multiple state licenses are a plus!
  • Experience participating in research studies or clinical trials
  • Additional training in Functional Medicine
  • Experience treating patients with Long COVID and/or ME/CFS
  • Multilingual
  • Comfortable managing kids & teens


  • Physicians who will excel at RTHM are comfortable with change and are interested in working in an evolving care setting where the tools you use to provide care are frequently updated and improved
  • Oversee and support a group of motivated nurse practitioners, therapists, and medical assistants; foster open and collaborative team dynamics between care team personnel for the benefit of the patients and the provider team
  • Feel comfortable managing patients on triple anticoagulation as outpatients
  • Feel comfortable overseeing investigational therapy prescribing in the context of a research study or clinical trial,
  • Feel comfortable supporting the management of bleeding complications in patients on anticoagulation and reporting adverse events to the RTHM study principal investigator when they occur (there will be clear protocols for this)
  • Remotely support NPs in the triage, diagnosis and treatment of patients via telehealth, including: reviewing a pre-written health chronology, pre-filled questionnaire replies, pre-filled vitals with patients to confirm accuracy, inquire about more potentially urgent diagnoses and create a step by step workup and treatment plan for patients (facilitated by RTHMs decision support algorithm & research study protocols), analyzing patient responses to treatments and changing plans when necessary, considering cost-effective treatment modalities, and assisting in care coordination with other members of the RTHM team (MA, therapist). Responding to patient questions that are not answerable by the medical assistant or therapist through the EHR portal.
  • Reviewing serial vitals, symptom tracking, medication tracking data and incorporating it into the plan at each visit.
  • Giving and receiving regular feedback on individual patient cases & general feedback on workflows, user interface, patient data presentation clarity & RTHM provider portal usability.
  • Providing a positive patient experience in all interactions, including providing quality care recommendations, and messaging with which care is delivered
  • Physicians who are used to balancing multiple, concurrent patient cases, and who are comfortable giving and receiving feedback to grow in their roles

Job Types: Full-time, Part-time, Contract

Benefits for employees (doesn’t apply to contractors):

  • 401(k)
  • Dental insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Paid time off

Medical Specialty:

  • Primary Care, Internal Medicine, or Family Medicine
  • Cardiology
  • Neurology
  • Hematology
  • Functional medicine


  • Day shift


  • MD or DO from a US accredited medical school
  • Completed a US accredited residency in their field of practice in good standing


  • Attending Physician: 2 years of practice outside of residency (Preferred)


  • Board Certified in field of practice (Preferred)

Work Location: Remote



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Upload your CV/Resume. Max. file size: 50 MB.
Upload your Cover Letter CV/resume and any other relevant file. Max. file size: 50 MB.
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