Functional Health and Nutrition Coach

Job Details

We are looking for a full time Functional Health and Nutrition Coach to be a critical member of our health care team.

We help reverse chronic conditions by implementing an investigative and functional approach throughout our diagnosis process. This approach not only uncovers the root causes of a condition, but it helps direct our healing strategy. Our team is all board-certified in both conventional medicine as well as functional and integrative medicines. We are able to bring the “best of both worlds” while integrating the latest technology and methods into treatment.

We have developed intensive programs with cutting edge therapies that help address root causes and reverse symptoms of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, mold, Lyme, and other brain health and medical conditions. We seek to improve health with lifestyle changes, targeted nutraceuticals, and customized herbal formulas before the use of drugs.

This position will provide room to grow with a quickly expanding, continuously evolving and forward thinking practice. We offer a competitive salary, benefits, and a positive, high energy work environment. The applicant chosen will have the exciting opportunity to develop and learn new and cutting edge technology and treatments.


  • Individual Patient Care – primarily direct referrals from on-site physician & nurse practitioner (60%)
  • Group sessions – education classes and cooking demonstrations (30%)
  • Food preparation of healthy meals for onsite patients as part of nutrition education and care (10%)
  • 25-30 billable hours / week = full time


  • Patients with complex chronic conditions including cognitive decline / early Alzheimer’s, CIRS / mold, toxins, Lyme, autoimmune


  • Nutrition – able to implement, educate and coach IFM food plans such as Elimination Diets, GI-Specific Diets, Mito Diet
  • Exercise – able to implement, educate and coach on basics of strength, flexibility, balance, and aerobic exercise
  • Sleep – able to implement, educate and coach on sleep hygiene and improvement
  • Relaxation – able to implement, educate and coach on mindfulness and relaxation techniques such as Heart Math
  • We will train you – able to implement, educate and coach on brain exercise programs such as Brain HQ


  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Able to achieve effective behavior change in patients through effective use of coaching skills such as motivational interviewing
  • Open to learning new skills and knowledge on the job in a cutting-edge practice where protocols are constantly evolving
  • Excellent public speaking and presence skills
  • High amounts of teamwork
  • Training


  • Training in coaching and behavior change
  • Health care background
  • Interest in functional and integrative medicine with some training in this area

Salary commensurate with experience.

No calls please, only resumes.