Functional Medicine Physician

Job Details

A new practice in Lake Nona – Orlando, FL is looking for a Functional Medicine Physician to work alongside a physician that specializes in Non-surgical and Regenerative Orthopedics with a holistic approach.

This position will be an excellent addition to an exciting, new practice opening in a thriving community, currently offering no functional medicine physicians in the area. Together, we will create the synergy our ideal patients will be looking for in providing natural alternatives like regenerative orthopedic procedures, healing without drugs or surgeries. Many of these patients desire finding the root cause of their problems and not merely masking their symptoms with drugs. A Functional Medicine Physician is a perfect fit for the needs of these patients and our innovative practice.

The ideal Functional Medicine Physician will be Sub Leasing an office space within our practice.

This exciting, new practice is expected to open in February of 2020. Our 2,300 sq. ft. office will also offer dedicated meeting space for purposes of ongoing patient education, community engagement, and specialized marketing of our innovative professional services.

Note that Lake Nona Medical City is a landmark for Orlando, and a premier location for medical care, research and education. Lake Nona’s cluster was built based on the proven theory that health care and life sciences facilities in close proximity to one another will accelerate innovation. In the years since, Lake Nona has become home to some of the nation’s leading hospitals, universities, research institutions, and health and life sciences companies. As it stands, these pioneering institutions are forming networks and synergies to advance health care while creating a job engine for the region.