Functional Medicine Practitioner

Job Details

We are an Australian Port Melbourne-based Functional Medicine clinic looking for an exceptional practitioner to join our team.

The Company: Melbourne Functional Medicine is leading the way with Functional Medicine in Australia. Our model sees the teaming of a practitioner with a health coach, which solidifies our intention of being an outcomes focused clinic.

We are in a rapid growth phase, so are adding a third team (practitioner and health coach) to our clinic. We are known for being able to deliver high level care and up to date clinical advice to patients. The dynamics of our team is essential to our success, so we’re looking not only for a skillset, but the right personality to join our team.

• Our clinic is fun, professional, and very patient-centric.

• We believe in health. We do health differently, with a model that is inclusive and supports real relationships. We are committed to delivering a quality patient experience, asking the right questions, investigating and supporting.

The Position: We’re looking for a functional medicine trained naturopath or medical doctor. Remuneration will be commission based with flexible hours and days initially (starting with 2 clinic days), expanding as the patient base requires.

• The role includes a professional pairing with your health coach to support you to deliver outcomes to patients.


• Minimum five years clinical experience

• Flexible working hours

• Curiosity and a willingness to grow with us

• Refined communication and interpersonal skills.

The Location: Melbourne Functional Medicine is based in Port Melbourne, Australia.

Why Should You Apply?

We welcome your application for this role if you are currently trained in Functional Medicine (or otherwise qualified and are EXCITED to train under this model), and are interested in a role where:

• patient acquisition is mostly done for you,

• you have somewhat flexible work hours, and

• you want to work with a positive and forward-thinking team. This role offers mentoring from our principal practitioner, as well as the opportunity to increase income as your patient base grows. Applicants must be team-centric, positive, and excited about delivering great health outcomes.


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