MD/DO Integrative Functional Medicine Opportunity (Awesome!)

Job Details

Come grow into an independent awesome Integrative Medicine Practice under guidance (if needed) of a well reputed and successful Integrative Family Medicine physician in the beautiful heart of the Texas Hill Country just 1 hour northwest of San Antonio and 2 hours west of Austin.

This practice has wonderful acceptance in this community and surrounding communities and attracts patients (mainly by word of mouth) from near and far.  The hospital is very supportive of my practice and it is well accepted in the medical community also – I have been privileged to help some of the specialists who have come to me with problems within their own specialty that they just didn’t have the tools to help themselves with.  There is no viable competition to my practice because none of them invested the time to learn it as well or research how to make it more affordable to patients as I have.

A lifetime learner is who I am looking to take over as s/he is able and supersede me as the expert!  I am a Founding Diplomat of the ABIHM as well as Board Certified in Family Medicine and have been doing Integrative Medicine for 23 years  total- the first 3 as teaching faculty and the last 20 here in Kerrville, Texas.  If needed, I am willing to provide mentoring for Integrative Medicine as well as your more difficult cases and also practice management and there are various practice models that can work here once established (cash only, concierge, as well as hybrid etc).  I  have an abundance of very relevant educational materials, which cost me over $100K to obtain, that I’m willing to share in order to speed up your learning curve with less effort and cost (travel, conference fees, time away etc). This basically ensures your success and I would ask in exchange for introduction to the community, a few years of mentoring or guidance as needed,  help with  administration and learning that part if you choose, about 3 years of supplement and kit sales profits and 2 half days office time for me.

If needed, the hospital is also willing to provide various support for you as well such as credentialing of reasonable insurances, office administration, and even likely salary support.  Income potential over $400K- my best year was $370K and more commonly $360K for 4 1/2 days a week and I tend to underbill.  All income is made in an ethical manner as well and there is no pressure to sell,  just inform patients of what can help them and that we have many of the things right in the office as a quality assurance and convenience factor.  My staff is intelligent, caring, thorough and extremely dedicated.

This practice is located in a unique and beautiful Healing Arts Center with various independent integrative practitioners (chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, massage, psychotherapy that addresses spirit and soul level and natural skin care) surrounding a serene courtyard of a Mexican styled building with arches and fountain and Mexican tile. The physician is not responsible for other practitioners practice or salary or referring to but we often refer among each other anyway and we even take care of each other as we are all very good at what we do. There is excellent camaraderie among the various practitioners at the Healing Arts Center. Ownership or part ownership of the office building is a possibility in the future if desired.

At 59, I am looking to wind down more over the next few years and pass the torch of my very successful and blessed Integrative Medicine Practice on to a younger MD or DO.  You can be your own boss, hospital and call are optional as there is a hospitalist system in place.  Peterson Regional Medical Center is the local hospital and is in the top 20 community hospitals in the U.S. and the only community hospital in Texas to have that distinction.  Schools are good and there is a college prep high school as well as private Christian schools and Schreiner University.  Kerrville, a small city of 24,000 people and a service area of over 90,000 is a great place to live- high in the hills with moderate semi-arid climate and interesting and friendly people who have lived all over the world yet come back here to live because they remember the beautiful hills and headwaters of the Guadalupe river where they camped as a child. We get over 25,00o campers each summer and have over 3200 species of wildflowers in our county.

This small city is rich in arts with Callioux Performing Arts Center, our own 75 member symphony, Hill Country Arts Foundation and open air theater however we have a small town feel that is extremely giving as well as supportive.  I moved here for the great weather, health consciousness, low crime, and that I wanted to raise my kids and finish my career in the same place that I would want to retire so no need to uproot and make new friends when old (and I’m getting there!).  I have not updated my website for some time as I am wanting the new incoming Integrative doc to make a better one in order to become the most noted.

Please contact me if you are an MD or DO who is looking for this dream-type of ideal practice to step into.
My cell is 820-928-3037 (evenings and weekends are ok to call too) and my email

Looking forward to talking with you if you feel you might be the lucky one to benefit from this opportunity.

Janet Chene MD
Kerrville, TX