MD Boarded in Integrative or Functional Medicine

Job Details

Position:  The Gedroic Medical Institute (“GMI” or the “Practice”) is seeking an experienced MD boarded and experienced in practicing Integrative and/or Functional medicine to work alongside Dr. Kristine Gedroic.  The Practice has experienced extraordinary and growing demand from patients located across the U.S. and around the world.

The right candidate is passionate about curing chronically ill patients and willing to learn GMI’s unique diagnostic and treatment paradigms to complement their existing skillset.  After a short training period, Candidate will independently see new and returning patients and act as their primary physician under Dr. Gedroic’s guidance.

Once trained, candidate will perform initial intake (75-90 minutes) to completely understand all that may be impacting a patient’s health.  Candidate will order blood tests, analyze results, prescribe treatment protocols and conduct follow up visits and further testing to observe progress.  Dr. Gedroic will assist/advise on difficult questions/cases and provide support as needed.

GMI is looking for a full-time MD.  Benefits include vacation, sick days, medical insurance, personal days, and a competitive pay structure.  The Practice’s visitation hours are 7am to 4pm Monday thru Thursday and 7am to 11am on Fridays.

Important personal characteristics:

  • Experienced MD boarded in integrative and/or functional medicine and interested in learning new diagnostic, treatment and wellness paradigms to cure disease;
  • Experienced in treating patients using integrative and functional means;
  • Mature professional with strong interpersonal skills;
  • Highly intelligent, organized self-starter, eager to learn, and capable of coordinating care for many patients simultaneously;
  • Passionate about healing and instilling wellness; and
  • Capable of establishing comprehensive healing relationships with GMI’s patients and able to speak with outside practitioners to direct each patient’s overall wellness plan.

Location:  GMI is located at 1200 Mt. Kemble Avenue, Suite 350 in Morristown, NJ.

The Gedroic Medical Institute: GMI was founded by Kristine Gedroic, MD, over thirteen years ago as a way to treat illness and disease in a whole new way.

Today, GMI uses precision-based epigenetic medicine to determine exactly why patients are sick. Our approach is unparalleled, and is the topic of Dr. Gedroic’s recently released book, A Nation of Unwell: What’s Gone Wrong?

Conditions treated:  At the Gedroic Medical Institute, we have successfully restored health to thousands of patients with nearly every chronic condition. These include autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, complex chronic illness, chronic fatigue syndrome, gut dysbiosis and microbiome disturbance, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), inflammatory bowel disorders, mold illness/mycotoxicosis, degenerative neurological disorders, neurological conditions, neuropsychiatric illnesses, bipolar disorder, acute and chronic Lyme disease, and more.

Comprehensive focus on each patient:  We develop and nurture healing partnerships with each of our patients to ensure they have the tools they need to achieve and maintain a lifetime of optimal wellness.

Mission:  To precisely determine the underlying causes of a patient’s illness, create a targeted and effective treatment plan, and to restore and fortify a patient’s immune system and microbiome to defend against future disease.

GMI’s functional areas: 

  • Dr. Gedroic serves as lead physician for all patients.  She is joined by a nurse practitioner who shares diagnostic, treatment and care responsibilities;
  • 6 highly experienced RN’s administer IV and other medicines to our patients;
  • 3 Patient Care Coordinators assist patients with their appointments, protocols, understanding test results and responding to any questions our patients may have.  GMI’s patients are never alone as they address and conquer their health issues;
  • GMI’s staff psychologist has spent her career focusing on chronic illness and the many issues patients, family members and others may confront as they deal with long term disease;
  • Our nutritionist has many years of experience advising on, and constructing, healthy diet plans.  At GMI, we believe nutrition is one of the fundamental cornerstones to continued optimal health along with lifestyle, environment and understanding the underlying causes of exhibited symptoms; and
  • GMI’s hydro-therapist manages the Practice’s colonics suite where she runs two open Angel of Water machines.

More information:  See our website for more information about Dr. Gedroic, the Practice, its employees, and its methodologies.