Naturopathic Physician at Cascade Integrative Medicine!

Job Details

Cascade Integrative Medicine is looking for a seasoned naturopathic doctor to take on a busy schedule of patients with an emphasis on primary care, as well as women and children’s health and gastrointestinal disorders, especially SIBO.

Cascade Integrative Medicine is a truly integrative medical practice on Seattle’s Eastside.  We occupy a newly renovated, 5,700 sq ft clinic in a medical building in Issaquah with phlebotomy in-house. Our providers span a range of specialties including naturopathic doctors, certified clinical nutritionists, counselors, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and a massage therapist.  Cascade Integrative Medicine owns the Center for SIBO Testing, which prospective naturopathic doctors would have direct access to.

Our emphasis, first and foremost, is on patient care; we provide longer (and fewer) patient visits and offer the best, evidence-based treatment options available by leveraging both conventional and complementary medicine modalities.

We are a provider-led organization that is sensitive to the needs of both provider and patient.  The team at Cascade Integrative Medicine is a highly collaborative and collegial group comprised of warm and friendly professionals who share the singular goal of improving the lives of their patients.

We are seeking a like-minded naturopathic doctor who embraces integrative health care and the merging of conventional and complementary medical philosophies to provide the best care possible to all patients regardless of cultural, racial, ethnic, sexual, and spiritual background.

Opportunities Available

Naturopathic doctors trained in the following fields:

Women’s Health

Primary Care


Gastrointestinal Disorders


·      Excellent communication skills and bedside manner

·      Remains up-to-date on latest clinical research

·      At least 3 years in private practice

·      Credentialed with most major insurance carriers in Washington

·      Valid medical license to practice in the state of Washington


·      Earn $100-130k per year

·      Malpractice coverage

·      Employer-sponsored health care plan

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