Job Posting Tips

A job post is a crucial marketing tool for attracting viable candidates to your practice. Here are tips to help you craft a professional advertisement that will get noticed.

Job Title – Be specific in the title. Make it easy for qualified candidates to find your job, i.e. Integrative Pediatrician (MD/DO), Functional Medicine Health Coach

Job Location – Optimizes search results. Include the city, state. If it’s not a well-recognized area, add in the job description section why your town is a great place to live.

Description – Concise and attention grabbing. Include a brief description of your organization and the job responsibilities. Highlight the best things you offer candidates.

Your Organization: Tell candidates why they would love to work with you, and show them with a video if you have one.

  • Do you have a compelling mission statement that describes your great culture?
  • Are you long established or experiencing rapid growth?
  • Do you have a support staff that works as a collaborative team?

Position Responsibilities: Describe the duties, some examples:

  • Patient care services that are provided by this role. Longer patient visits.
  • Leadership, research or speaking responsibilities.
  • Developing patient materials or curriculum.

What You Offer: The tangible and non-tangibles that make you a great employer.

  • What kind of benefits and compensation package?
  • On-the-job training or mentoring?
  • Flexibility in schedule, i.e. a 4-day work week; full or part-time; flex start time?

Requirements: A short list of the most essential requirements. Cast a wide net, you don’t want to exclude candidates who’ve demonstrated initiative that they’re dedicated to becoming an excellent provider in the field.

A strong written description, a video and a logo will all help construct a great representation of your practice and opportunity.