I submitted an application for a position on your job board and haven’t heard from the hiring manager. What should I do?

Since we are not recruiting for the positions posted on our job board, we cannot provide details about their hiring timeline or process.

We recommend that you wait 2 weeks from the date of application before following up with the hiring manager.

You can use the “Apply for Job” button on their posting to reach out.

Use the Additional Comments Field to confirm your interest, reiterate your top qualifications and express your gratitude.

Here is an example that you can customize:

Hello. I applied for the Nurse Practitioner position posted on Integrated Connections on 1 January. I am reaching out to confirm that you received my application and to reiterate my interest in the position. I continue to be enthusiastic about working for ABC Practice. I think my 5 years experience with XYZ Practice and education with Functional Medicine Educator makes me an excellent candidate for this position. Please contact me at 123-555-4567 or your.name@email.com if you need additional information to process my application. I look forward to discussing this role with you. Thank you again for your consideration.