Nutritionist/Health Coach

Job Details

Education and Experience Revised 1/6/16

Functional Medicine SF (FMSF) is a personalized medicine practice focused on root cause resolution. We use the patient’s history, story, and their data to create the most complete picture of their health. With this information, we can provide a personalized plan for them to follow to optimal wellness. Founded by Stephanie Daniel DO, she seeks to empower her patients with the best evidence-based functional medicine. We want to identify what is unique about patients and provide the guidance and tools to live their most vital life

FMSF is seeking a nutritionist and/or health coach to work alongside Dr. Daniel to provide an additional layer of support for patients. You will be responsible for providing in-depth dietary and lifestyle advice, based on the clinicians’ diagnosis and treatment plans, and supporting patients with implementation and compliance.

Job requirements

  • Expertise in Functional Medicine Paleo-style nutrition and lifestyle factors such as stress management, sleep, and physical activity.
  • Familiarity with functional medicine laboratory assessments
  • Ability to customize diet and lifestyle prescriptions based on individual circumstances, needs, and health status
  • Ability to analyze a patient’s diet and make targeted suggestions for increasing nutrient density and optimizing macronutrient intake based
  • Supportive, empathetic presence and excellent communication skills
  • Weekly blogging

The ideal candidate will:

  • Have experience working in a medical practice (functional and/or integrative medicine preferred)
  • Be extremely detail oriented
  • Be resourceful and self-motivated
  • Be able to work remotely in a fast-paced environment with a distributed team
  • Be tech-savvy and able to learn new programs quickly
  • Possess self-awareness and integrity
  • Treat patients with empathy and compassion. Our patients are frequently quite sick, and need supportive interactions with staff
  • Support and respect other team members
  • Value work-life balance and self-care
  • Share our vision of a healthier, happier world
  • Prefer local candidates but open to remote candidates as well

Education and Experience

  • Certifications in nutrition and/or health coaching from an accredited professional or institute is also preferred.

To apply for the position, please use this link to submit your information: