Family/Internal Medicine MD – Root Cause Medical Clinic

Job Details

Root Cause Medical Clinic is currently seeking a Family or Internal Medicine Physician, ideally licensed in California, who truly believes in and embodies the functional medicine philosophy and will join hands with our practice to help our patients and the community live healthier, more productive lives.

Our philosophy is to identify the underlying root cause of a problem rather than masking symptoms with drugs that offer only temporary relief. While we do use medication when necessary, we measure success in decreasing and eliminating drug use due to having addressed the root cause of the problem.

We believe the body is an amazing machine that once unburdened from stressors, can heal itself. We simply facilitate removing the stressors that are standing in the way of healing. Be it diet, lifestyle, infections, toxicity or hormonal imbalance, we utilize functional lab testing to assist our diagnosis.

Our patients are mostly local, but we do see patients from across the country and internationally.

Root Cause Medical Clinic offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits including dental and medical group plans, 401K plan, paid vacation time-off, free in-house health care and employee discounts on products

Please submit your resume along with a cover letter.