Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant

Job Details

NP/PA for hybrid spine/musculoskeletal/regenerative medicine/functional medicine clinic

Precision Pain Consultants is currently a solo practice in Central Austin, Texas.  It was established 10 years ago and has thrived based on a philosophy of care that delivers quality over quantity.

The practice is approximately 70% spine and 30% peripheral sports musculoskeletal conditions.  It is focused on attention to detail in the delivery of interventional diagnostic and treatment care.

Interventional procedures are done overwhelmingly on-site, with or without sedation.  Surgical procedures are done in an ASC.

The practice has a growing regenerative medicine patient population.  Spinal and peripheral regenerative treatments encompass all currently available options (both autologous and heterologous).  We have an on-site laboratory and proprietary algorithms for extraction and isolation of regenerative cells.  Opportunities for research are available for the interested candidate.

The practice also offers functional medicine approaches to spine and musculoskeletal health.  We are very keenly interested in a candidate who is either interested in learning functional/integrative approaches to patient care or who already is experienced in this field.  For candidates experienced in this field, we will support them in establishing their functional medicine practice.  Our clinic already employs a naturopathic doctor/nutritional specialist.

We are looking for a physician assistant/nurse practitioner to join us.

The most important qualities we are looking for in the successful candidate are intellectual/professional curiosity, desire to learn and to challenge established dogma, and a charismatic rapport with our patients.

Our practice offers several opportunities for growth:  learning diagnostic ultrasound and ultrasound guided peripheral injections, fluoroscopic spinal and peripheral anatomy, regenerative techniques (blood, bone marrow and adipose tissue), Botox injections for chronic migraines, esthetic techniques based on platelet-rich plasma, Botox, fillers, etc.  We will sponsor and incentivize those serious about learning techniques and procedures that can complement our existing treatments.

Our practice is also moving towards functional medicine and integrative approaches to pain management.  We welcome a candidate interested in learning more about these approaches or seeking certification in functional medicine.

The successful candidate will first complete a 3 month strictly structured fellowship under the direct supervision of the physician.  Upon successful completion of the fellowship, the candidate will have a chance of continuing  their employment with our practice, based on their performance.