Nurse Practitioner / Clinic Director

Job Details

IV Nutrition is a wellness organization whose focus is facilitating optimal health and wellness for our clientele. Utilizing IV nutrient therapy as well as lifestyle and nutrition support to deliver vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients directly to the body to optimize health and wellness. IV nutrient therapy works on a foundational level to provide the body what it needs to activate its self-healing mechanisms to decrease inflammation, increase metabolism, and balance the immune system.

Position Summary/Career Interest:

We currently have an opening for Clinic Director

We have a need for holistic medical professional to help manage the application of intravenous vitamins for outpatient infusion work in Overland Park, KS and Kansas City, MO. Responsibilities include starting IV’s, running fluids, and monitoring clients. The position will provide clinical expertise, and education for clients and staff. This position will administer and monitor client’s treatment and provide the necessary education and therapy management. This position is a management position and does include training and managing staff.


Documents interactions and communication with clients regarding therapy services, assessment, and responses/reactions to treatment.
Complete training for nutrition infusion therapies is offered.
All other duties as assigned.
Demonstrates compliance with professional standards, regulations, policies and procedures along with accreditation standards.
Trains and educates staff on proper procedure and client education.