Functional Medicine Physician

Job Details

Our approach is setting the standard for how healthcare is being done by creating an integrative look at the body instead of assuming that our body systems are working independently. In addition, we strive to create personalized health plans and taking the subjectivity out of medicine and the trial and error out of the healing process.

Beyond physicians, we classify ourselves as detectives. We ask specific questions and use precise medical technology that enables accurate decoding of information pertaining to all aspects of health within a patient. Our technologies go beyond what is revealed in conventional testing, looking to the deepest layers of the body including the cells and the DNA. With precision and accuracy, we can uncover what common testing misses within a fraction of the time.

We are a fully Integrative practice offering functional medicine, chiropractic, craniosacral, detoxification, bioresonance analysis, autonomic response testing, meridian therapy, functional neurology, foundation training, and nutrition. We have a high volume practice that serves people from all over the world with an office in Belmar, NJ. The current physicians of IWG are chiropractic physicians, nurses, and clinical nutritionists that are highly trained in advanced medical technologies, functional neurology, and integrative medicine. We are looking for a doctor [DO, DC, MD, ND] that wants to practice functional medicine [training will be provided] utilizing a highly integrative approach that goes beyond diet and supplements. Training in functional neurology/carrick institute is an ideal but not necessary to apply. We are looking for someone who wants to grow their knowledge and continue to evolve their clinical approach.

This is a full-time position that requires you to be versatile, motivated, focused with much attention to detail. We are looking to be a great practitioner that is “intrapreneurial minded” that serves with integrity and wants to grow with the company.  IWG’s mission is bold and marketing is strategic. We speak, we webinar, we podcast, and we serve wholeheartedly every day. If you are looking to be part of something big and be a force in the evolution of healthcare, send your resume to the email provided.