Medical Director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine

Job Details

Medical Director, Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine

The Medical Director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine is a physician leader who is currently practicing integrative medicine. This medical leader will serve in a key role in developing the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine across the Cleveland Clinic (CC) enterprise. The Medical Director will ensure the alignment of the patient experience, research,
medical education, and clinical quality initiatives for the Center.

The Medical Director for the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine will be positioned as a leader for the Center with Cleveland Clinic clinical leadership, including but not limited to, Institute and Department Chairs, research and education experts and support teams.

The Medical Director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine will have:

• Clinical leadership experience
• Fellowship trained and/or board certified in Integrative Medicine
• Ability to work with diverse leaders, caregivers, students and other stakeholders
• Superior communication skills, emotional intelligence and the ability to function in a
rapidly changing environment
A commitment of 90% patient care and 10% administrative time is expected.

Key functions will involve:

• Strategic vision and tactical implementation in the on-going development of the Center
for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine
• Building an internal and external referral network that results in patients coming to the
Cleveland Clinic Center Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine
• Building a patient focused Integrative Medicine practice, at multiple locations
• Assisting in the development of programs providing education to medical students,
residents, and medical staff about Integrative Medicine
• Advising in the development of research studies to document outcomes in a clinically
rigorous fashion


The Medical Director of the Center for Integrative and Lifestyle Medicine will plan, build and
direct a coordinated, uniformly excellent Center for the Cleveland Clinic. The Center will be
inclusive of all three components of the academic mission: clinical care, research and teaching,
for community-based and tertiary care out-patient services. The Center’s programs will be
focused on the most current evidence-based data. Research and innovation are expected to
advance Integrative Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic, which will be recognized nationally as
the center of excellence.

Strategic Planning and Program Development

• Work with Administrative Leadership and Institute Chairman to determine and refine the
overall mission, vision, goals and objectives of the Center.
• Ensures the implementation of a strategic plan that makes consistent and timely progress
towards Center goals.
• Develop a business model and plan to sustainably deliver Integrative Medicine.
• Consistently manage projects and multiple tasks to meet goals, budgets and timelines;
involve others in determining project scope and establishing realistic plans; procure
resources to accomplish project tasks; complete projects efficiently and effectively.

Clinical Operations

• Actively engage in patient care
• Partner with Center Administrator to ensure effective personnel oversight including hiring,
onboarding, training, supervision, performance evaluation, mentoring, instilling
commitment to quality and excellence, and disciplinary action when appropriate, as per
established policy. Ensure quality of care provided by staff in the Center.
• Work with Center leadership and Wellness Institute leadership to prepare Center’s annual
budget, establish and achieve financial goals, monitor status and projections of all
accounts, report regularly financial status to Center leadership, ensure budget compliance,
oversight of project budgets and day-to-day accounting functions by tracking and
monitoring expenditures and reconciling expenses with accounts.
• Develop and implement policies and procedures, consistent with the Cleveland Clinic.
• Provide oversight and support for Center Leads in research, clinical services, and education.
• Assures the necessary administrative mechanisms and resources are present to support
Center activities.
• Monitor Center productivity and performance to identify and evaluate clinical operations
strengths and challenges.
• Ensure all operations and caregivers are in full alignment with the established compliance


• Work with Center Research Director to ensure effective personnel oversight, project
management, budgetary compliance, financial management, IRB applications, conflict-ofinterest/
ethical considerations, inter-departmental relations, operational flow, and study
completion within IRB guidelines.
• Monitor Center productivity and performance to identify and evaluate research program
strengths and challenges.


• Develop and oversee educational programs in: undergraduate medical education, graduate
medical education, and continuing medical education (including Fellowship and Clinical
Scholars programs).
• Monitor Center productivity and performance to identify and evaluate education program
strengths and challenges.


• Work with leadership to develop and implement a communications strategy aligned with
the Center’s mission, vision, and goals.
• Strengthen the Center’s visibility, influence, and leadership internally and with physicians in
the community; locally and regionally within other health systems, payers, community based
organizations; and nationally as a model of producing value-based care.
• Develop effective methods of communicating Center activities.
• Increase inter-professional engagement with the Medical Staff and employed staff across
the CC enterprise.
• Represent the Center internally on hospital committees; meetings with and presentations
to providers, administrators, and staff; and externally to community health centers,
organizations, patient groups, regulatory and granting agencies.
• Articulate the Center mission, vision and goals through presentations, written
communication, and participation in relevant conferences and meetings.
• Schedule, coordinate agenda, and lead regular meetings with Center leadership, staff, and
• Contribute to and support the dissemination of research findings, clinical services,
educational activities, and Center accomplishments.

Other Duties

• Conform to CC standards of performance and conduct, including those pertaining to patient
rights, and ensure that the “Patients First” motto is upheld by providing exceptional patient
• Perform other duties as needed.