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We support your HR needs.

While you deliver the best in patient care.

We support your HR needs.

While you deliver the best in patient care.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

One of my biggest frustrations with managing a practice is staying compliant with all of the applicable regulations. The HR Support Center addresses this concern for HR processes and is a necessity for any practice with employees. Prior to the HR Support Center, I spent countless hours researching employment issues. Can I withhold pay for the return of property with terminated employees? How should I handle mandated breaks in a fluid practice environment? What can I do to fairly compensate valued employees?

The HR Support Center saves me from investing my time in researching employment issues and provides peace of mind knowing that our HR processes are compliant and prepared. I highly recommend the HR Support Center. The regulatory perspective it offers is invaluable–and well worth the monthly cost.

Practice Owner/Manager

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  • Employee handbook builder 
  • Custom job descriptions 
  • New hire kits
  • HR forms, templates, and policies library
  • Practical, live HR advice
  • Law alert notifications
  • Policy customization 
  • Resources covering common employer laws including ACA, FLSA, and FMLA
  • HR Advisor newsletter
  • Courses specific to the field to support your recruiting and vetting efforts