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Establish a Strong HR Foundation

Starting from scratch?
Our four step checklist will make it easy!

Job Description Templates for Functional Medicine

Learn more about job descriptions with this Tool Kit.

Our job description templates are guides, use them to create job descriptions that meet your practice needs.

To ensure your job description meets current state and federal laws, submit your job description the the HR On-Demand experts for review.

You can also use your membership to create job descriptions for positions not listed above.


Monthly webinars to help you manage the complexities of HR in Functional Medicine.

Interview: Hiring and Retaining Support Staff

The first installment of our HR Support Center Webinar Series is live! Lisa McDonald and Brett Sparks provide solutions for hiring and retaining support staff.

Courses and Guides

We walk you through a recruiting process to attract and hire the best talent in less time. Downloads include candidate assessments, interview questions specific to the field, interview schedule template, and job posting guideline.

Use our comprehensive Recruitment Checklist to save time, ensure compliance and attract top talent.

Job Postings

Use Coupon Code FPC50 for $50 off any posting package.

View and manage your existing job postings

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