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Need help solving an HR issue right away?  Ask our Certified HR Pros. They’re here to help.

Hiring Best Practices for Personalized Medicine

Our courses walk you through a recruiting process to attract and hire the best talent in Integrative & Functional Medicine.

Build an Employee Handbook

Our Handbook Wizard makes creating a compliant handbook tailored to your practice easy.


Monthly webinars to help you manage the complexities of HR in Functional Medicine.

Protect Your Business

Law alerts and HR guides help you to avoid fines and stay compliant.

Forms & Templates

Hundreds of professional templates and guides: performance evaluations, job descriptions, offer letters, and much more.

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What Clients are Saying

I enrolled in the Integrated Connections HR Support Center (HRSC) in an effort to standardize my hiring and onboarding processes. I was very pleased with the personalized support I received in setting up compliant processes for my practice.  The HRSC onboarding process provided by Integrated Connections was invaluable in helping me prioritize my HR tasks to establish an effective HR program in my medical practice. And I appreciate how affordable it is, especially given the protection it provides.
Physician, Practice Owner

Lisa has a rare combination of human resources expertise combined with extensive industry knowledge in integrative and functional medicine. Her Integrated Connections job board has helped me source and hire physicians for my digital health platform. I’ve consulted with her about my growth strategy and acquiring practices, and she delivered a thoughtful analysis. I appreciate the work she is doing to advance integrative and functional medicine by connecting the right physicians with the right employers. I cannot recommend her enough!

Digital Health Company

One of my biggest frustrations with managing a practice is staying compliant with all of the applicable regulations. The HR Support Center addresses this concern for HR processes and is a necessity for any practice with employees. Prior to the HR Support Center, I spent countless hours researching employment issues. Can I withhold pay for the return of property with terminated employees? How should I handle mandated breaks in a fluid practice environment? What can I do to fairly compensate valued employees?

The HR Support Center saves me from investing my time in researching employment issues and provides peace of mind knowing that our HR processes are compliant and prepared. I highly recommend the HR Support Center. The regulatory perspective it offers is invaluable–and well worth the monthly cost.

Practice Owner/Manager