What were the Hiring Trends in Integrative and Functional Medicine in 2017?

The Integrated and Functional Connections (IFC) portal provides a unique vantage point from which we can take the temperature of the field, just by looking at the recruitment taking place.

IFC connects professionals in the field of Integrative and Functional Medicine to career opportunities. 2017 was a great year for the field and the demand for this specialized care continues.

More and more, patients want to be treated by doctors who provide this holistic care. They are fueling the demand for patient-focused practices.

2017 started off briskly with 40 job postings in the 1st quarter alone. The majority of the postings were in private practices. Still, there were openings in health systems, academia and nutritional supplement companies. This heavy demand continued throughout the year.

The Western region of the country had the highest number of opportunities, with the Northeast close behind. The states with the most job postings were California and Texas. And there were international postings in Australia and the United Arab Emirates.

The highest number of postings were for Physicians (MD/DO) with Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant positions coming in second.

We also saw postings for Nutritionists, Health Coaches, RN’s, Administration Staff, Sales, Telemedicine and opportunities to purchase practices.

Employers are Recognizing the Benefits of Integrative and Functional Medicine on Premises

Innovative employers are finding that personalized healthcare is a real value-add. As a result, employers have upped their hiring for Functional and Integrative Medicine support on site. These specialized hirings are a definite influence on the upwards trends in Integrative and Functional Medicine job openings.

Corporate wellness centers empower employees with the resources and education needed to take greater ownership of their health.

Examples of corporate hiring in the field include Whole Foods, which posted for a provider in their Austin, TX Medical and Wellness Center. And LeadHealth, which designs healthcare solutions tailored to a workforce’s needs. Right now, they’re hiring for a Physician for one of their Functional Medicine clinics located on an employer campus.

A particularly noteworthy example of a prominent health system’s recruiting effort is The Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine, which continues to hire in response to patient demand. They are currently seeking a Physician and an Advanced Practice Provider.

What’s in store for 2018?

We’re advocates of the patient-centered medicine movement. To make hiring for it as seamless as possible, we plan to keep improving our platform and make it hyper-informative and hyper-useful. It exists to connect the right people to the right jobs that will help to transform how we deal with health in this country. Nothing less.

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