A Review of Integrative and Functional Medicine Jobs in 2016, with a peek into 2017.

2016 was an incredible year for Integrative and Functional Medicine career opportunities. Patients’ health is improving with Functional Medicine approaches, so more people are seeking out such patient-focused care. At Integrated and Functional Connections (IFC), we are seeing the demand for this care grow significantly.

2016 saw an increasing number of opportunities throughout the year. The 2nd quarter of the year had the most jobs openings with over 50 positions posted. The Western region of the country had the highest number of opportunities, with the Southeast a close runner up, followed by the Northeast.

Most of the positions were in private practices but there were a growing number of opportunities this year in health systems, academia and in larger organizations. Those larger organizations, in fact, counted for almost one third of the postings.

Physician opportunities were posted the most with Nurse Practitioner/Physician Assistant positions coming in second.

This year we had new postings for Nutritionists and Health Coaches, as well as Administration, Sales and Telemedicine positions.  We also had a posting for a Genetic Consultant and our first international listing in New Zealand.

One of the big events in 2016 was the growth of The Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine in response to patient demand. There are 2,000 patients on the waiting list. The renowned Clinic’s Functional Medicine Center notably added a Physician and two Advanced Practice Providers to the staff, and with this expansion, had to move into a larger 18,000 square foot space at the end of the year.

What’s Ahead?

2017 started off with a new opportunity for a Functional Medicine Advanced Practice Provider in a workplace Functional Medicine clinic.

Functional Medicine right in the workplace is an exciting trend and a perk that’s tailor-made for today’s employees.

More developments you can expect to see in 2017 are on the Integrated and Functional Connections’ website, and they include:

  • More opportunities to connect (i.e. office shares)
  • Resources to help candidates apply for jobs and interview well
  • HR resources for practices
  • Special international postings

IFC looks forward to the continued growth of the Integrative and Functional Medicine movement in 2017.

Visit our website for a comprehensive listing of job opportunities in the field and to sign up to receive our monthly job alerts at http://integratedconnects.com.

If you didn’t get a chance to see our December jobs announcement eblast, you can find it here.

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