A New Career Direction For The Burned Out Physician


I was recently interviewed by Dr. Heather Fork for her niche blog: Doctor’s Crossing.   Dr. Fork was interested in the Functional Medicine opportunities available for physicians. I was excited to share the good news about an increasing number of opportunities in the field . . . from smaller practices to large health systems.

She herself has spoken about the appeal of working in Functional Medicine. Her article: “Functional Medicine – Could It Be For You” is worth a read. And when Dr. Fork gave the IFM’s foundational course (Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice) a favorable review – I wasn’t at all surprised.

Functional Medicine is the way to go if you want to get off the dead end, tedious track of traditional practice management AND experience what you always wanted to do from the start of your medical career – help to heal your patients.

A quote from one physician at the most recent AFMCP conference was IFM “keeps the art of medicine alive.” I hope that any doctor experiencing burnout will find Functional Medicine, the path that will renew his or her passion in medicine again.

The art of medicine. When was the last time you heard that expression? Never?

Well, Functional Medicine’s time has come. It’s holistic. Nurturing. And good for what ails you – the weariness of working one degree removed, or more, from your patients.

If you’re really ready to get off the treadmill but haven’t started the training yet, connect with me and I can share the opportunities that will get you there.