New Career Platform for Integrative and Functional Medicine

It’s an exciting time in Integrative and Functional Medicine. Finding a job or a practitioner just got easier.

A new collaboration between The Institute for Functional Medicine and Integrated Connections has led to the creation of Integrated and Functional Connections, a centralized platform that offers a robust career platform for recruitment, as well as posting and searching for opportunities in the field. The press release regarding the collaboration can be found here.

This new platform makes it easy for employers to fill Integrative and Functional Medicine jobs, and for practitioners and professionals to find them. The platform serves as the only Connector for careers in the field nationally, and will enable jobs to fill more quickly to support the growth and movement of this medicine.

Practitioners can apply for professional opportunities, sign-up for a monthly jobs alert announcement, and submit a confidential CV to be considered for employer searches. Employers can post jobs and learn about customized recruitment services.

Integrated and Functional Connections connects the right people to the right jobs.