Achieving Wellness with Motivational Speakers

Health insurers are trying to encourage members to take better care of themselves by motivating them with extrinsic rewards. The Wallstreet Journal article found here discusses creative strategies insurers are implementing such as digital gaming, raffle prizes and awarding gift certificates. The intent is that these initiatives will help bring down insurance costs as members’ health improves.

Engagement is critical in changing behaviors to transform health and it is certainly more effective to encourage than to threaten. There is merit in the creative efforts of insurers in rewarding positive behaviors to encourage improvement.

But in order to sustain behavioral change there has to be more than external reward factors. To really move and engage individuals there is nothing more powerful than a live speaker who can educate and inspire.

The external rewards can get the momentum going but a live presentation can motivate participation long enough to experience the intrinsic benefit that will transform health. The intrinsic reward is achieving self-empowerment to create and maintain a healthier life.

Health is an individual choice so it is essential each individual have the knowledge of how to empower themselves to achieve and sustain optimal health. Once the experience of more energy, less stress, increased focus, more joy and overall well being occurs, the incentive will expand from winning a gift certificate to achieving the empowerment to adopt a healthier, happier life.

Each individual has to learn how to maintain health and how to support the body’s potential for self-healing. Education is critical in achieving wellness, and educating through a live experience is powerful.

Integrated Connections’ multi-disciplinary team of speakers empowers individuals to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our speakers’ live presentations engage audiences and provide tools and real life examples of the impact educated health choices have on quality of life. Our speakers tailor their information to best fit the audience’s needs with a variety of topics and tools such as:

  • Mindfulness Based Stress Management Techniques
  • Nutritional Lectures for Healing, Sports and Weight Management
  • Workshops on Yoga and Aromatherapy
  • Presentations on Therapies that Support Optimal Health and Healing

Contact Integrated Connections so we can provide you with customized solutions to achieve wellness in your organization with our motivational speakers.