Integrated Connections Consulting Services Recommended for Practitioners Preparing for the Expanding Integrative Medicine World.

Integrated Connections offers consulting services for practitioners preparing for job searches and placement.  Margueritte Meier, owner of Dancing Waters Healing Arts, has found these services offered by Lisa McDonald valuable for her students preparing for professional careers in healthcare.

“Lisa McDonald is an excellent consultant and resource for just about anything involving the field of integrative medicine and complementary healthcare.  Lisa has been a featured guest speaker at my energy practitioner school twice, and has offered excellent guidance and encouragement for the graduating students in regards to finding their niches in the expanding world of integrative medicine.  She is well-educated about the latest trends in the mind-body arena, and she is a pioneer with placing and championing integrative medical practitioners within the professional healthcare paradigm.  I highly recommend Integrated Connections.”   

Margueritte Meier, CRMT
Dancing Water Healing Arts
Fort Collins, CO