Integrated Connection’s Speaker Services Support Andrew Weil’s Vision for Better Health Education in the U.S.

Dr. Andrew Weil believes better health education is one of the solutions to the increasing heathcare costs.  On Sunday, March 11, 2012, the Arizona Star printed an article found here in which Andrew Weil states, “On a deeper level, it’s really encouraging people to be more self-reliant in matters of health and I think that’s a matter of education.”  Dr. Weil also states that he’s trusting a grass roots movement will do the job of health education.

Integrated Connections is proud to be a part of the grass roots movement of health education.  Because we have expanded our services to include speaker placements, we can connect professional integrative healthcare specialists into additional opportunities in which they can educate people about prevention and wellness – promoting health.

Integrated Connections is committed to transforming health through integrative medical placements which include speaking opportunities as well as career opportunities.

Call Integrated Connections today to find valuable solutions for your organization’s health education needs.  We can readily identify expert healthcare professionals who can provide the targeted information specific to your organization that educates, motivates and inspires.