Dr. Chopra’s Vision of the Future: Expanded Medicine

The Huffington Post posted an article by Deepak Chopra, M.D. on June 7, 2011, titled “Medicine’s Great Divide:  The View from the Alternative Side”.    Dr. Chopra describes the relationship between conventional and alternative medicine as a bad marriage that started in reverse with divorce.  He states the marriage is currently in the stage of mediation with science as the mediator and courtship possible in the future, with a lot of marriage counseling of course.

There is a sense of encouragement for the future of this marriage when he speaks of the mood of expanded tolerance of traditional medicine by conventional skeptics because of the enormous strides in evidence and research in recent decades.

Dr. Chopra contends that once both sides stop being defensive and realize they share core values, they can proceed to the phase of  courtship in this reverse marriage.  He shares his vision and answer for the future as expanded medicine; an inspiring description for the future of medicine .