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Family or Internal Medicine Physician—Las Vegas, Nevada

Thursday, October 16th, 2014

Integrative/Functional Medicine practice seeking a BC/BE Family or Internal Medicine physician to join their rapidly growing facility. The practice utilizes a hybrid model to offer traditional and Integrative/Functional Medicine services to their very large patient panel. They are currently staffed by a physician assistant, registered nurse, chiropractor, cranial sacral massage therapist, and nutritionist.

The practice is located near an affluent master-planned community nestled in the foothills that offers open spaces, parks and world-class recreational activities. Nevada has no state taxes.

The Medical Director has been recognized as a Top Family Practice Physician in Las Vegas for 5 years and is committed to maintaining quality of patient care and a sense of community.

This is a salaried position that offers generous compensation, paid time off and CME. Experience in Integrative/Functional Medicine preferred but not required. Relocation offered.

Interested candidates please contact Lisa McDonald.

Family or Internal Medicine Physician – Pennsylvania

Thursday, October 9th, 2014

Integrative Medicine facility located just outside of Pittsburgh is seeking a Primary Care Physician to join their large practice that was established over 35 years ago. The Medical Director, a renowned Integrative Medicine physician, is seeking a BC/BE Family or Internal Medicine physician to join their team of 38, which includes 2 MD’s and 3 DC’s in a 25,000 sq ft medical facility.

The practice offers Family Medicine, Acupuncture, Chiropractic, Chelation, BHRT, HBOT, Ozone therapies, Regenerative Injection Therapies and more.

This position is full time and offers a significant compensation package that includes a productivity incentive, comprehensive benefits and partnership track. Relocation offered.

Preference given to candidates with Integrative/Functional Medicine training or experience.

Interested candidates please contact Lisa McDonald –

Family or Internal Medicine Physician – Massachusetts

Thursday, May 29th, 2014

A state-of-the art Integrative Medicine center is seeking a Family or Internal Medicine physician to join their expanding innovative practice in Massachusetts.  This well-established and rapidly growing center has developed a truly unique model to provide patient centered care applying Integrative and Functional Medicine.

Utilizing cutting-edge medicine to determine the root cause of an illness and working with an integrated team of practitioners the center provides longer patient visits with primary care, gynecology, BHRT, osteopathy, integrative psychiatry, nutrition, allergy testing, IV therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, wellness programs and more.

Candidates must have interest in practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine. Training provided.

Position offers competitive compensation with comprehensive benefits.  Located in a thriving New England community about 30 minutes from Boston.

Interested candidates please contact Lisa McDonald with Integrated Connections.

Functional Medicine Physician – New York

Tuesday, March 18th, 2014

A rapidly growing and well-established Functional Medicine Center is searching for a Functional Medicine Physician to join their dynamic team of committed professionals. This is an incredible opportunity to work with a renowned leader in Functional Medicine at a practice that is dedicated to helping those with chronic illness.

Candidates must be licensed and board certified in a medical specialty, preference given to candidates with at least 5 years of clinical experience and completion of the AFMCP with the IFM.

A competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package offered; relocation considered. The practice is located about 30 minutes north of Manhattan.

Interested candidates please email Lisa McDonald at

Physician Practice Opportunity – Virginia

Friday, March 14th, 2014

Successful Integrative/Functional Medicine practice in Charlottesville is ready for a new physician to assume ownership and continue expanding this wonderful practice. The practice was established 10 years ago and is currently staffed by an MD, Nutritionist and office support.

The providers are seeking an experienced Integrative/Functional Medicine physician to provide care for their Charlottesville and Central Virginia patients. Training will be provided to ensure continuity of care. Owners are open to creative agreements for assuming ownership.

This fee for service practice has a solid patient panel and is in an attractive downtown medical/professional office building.

Charlottesville has many top 10 ratings, is home to the University of Virginia, has excellent schools, recreational and cultural activities and a reasonable cost of living. Interested candidates please contact Lisa McDonald at Integrated Connections –

The Year of Big Dreams: 2014

Thursday, January 16th, 2014

The New Year is a great time to share motivational stories of providers leading the transformation of healthcare.  I am fortunate to connect with these inspirational leaders regularly and will share some of their transformational stories throughout the year.

I recently wrote about the growth of integrative medicine and the increasing number of providers who pursue training in the field.  Following is the account of an experienced integrative medicine physician who dares to live her big dream and ventured out on her own to practice integrative medicine.

The Year of Big Dreams: 2014Running horse with streamed mane on sunset sand

December 31, 2013 By Dr. Kay Corpus

According to the Chinese zodiac, 2013 was The Year of the Snake. Though most things that slither about horrify me (earthworms and caterpillars included) the mythological metaphor of snakes and serpents had me pegged. They represent transformation, creative power, change, rebirth and healing. Just as the snake, which sheds old skin to make room for new growth, in 2013, I chose to say good-bye to a life of comfort and predictability to find full expression of my life’s purpose.

Sloughing off some major limiting beliefs was the first step.  You know the ones, “I’m not capable enough, smart enough, good enough, strong enough, rich enough, or brave enough…” Then, I started honoring the whispers of my soul… slept longer, started saying ‘hell, no”, ate more chocolate, and even closed my medical practice. It was a test of will, of trust, and a huge leap of faith, but has been so far the most creative and spacious time of my life. Interestingly enough, many others at the same time were outgrowing their skins in hope of letting go of the old self to birth something new. In fact, many of them were physicians too.

The Chinese astrologers say this year, 2014, is The Year of the Horse, the one of big dreams. Horses represent travel, wisdom, power and freedom. They often have wild spirits that cannot be broken. What a perfect transition from limitation to liberation! I’m beyond excited and hopeful to witness what this New Year will bring for all of us as we venture on this journey together.  So, from today on, as Mary Oliver would ask, “Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”


Kay Corpus, MD is a board-certified family physician specializing in Integrative and Functional Medicine and is a registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance. Her approach to medicine involves uncovering the root cause of illness and disease, which, she believes, is essential to living well and in full vitality. In her clinical practice, she and her patients work together to illuminate how pathology occurs as a result of emotional, psychological, and spiritual imbalances. Dr. Corpus completed family medicine residency at Penn State Lehigh Valley Hospital in Allentown, PA and the two-year Integrative Medicine fellowship with Andrew Weil, MD with the Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine.  She has also completed coursework with The Institute of Functional Medicine and her certification with the Whole Health Medicine Institute is pending. For more tips on true health and healing connect with her at, and Twitter @kaycorpusmd.




Patient Demand is Mainstreaming Integrative Medicine

Tuesday, December 17th, 2013

As the “un-recruiter” for integrative medicine providers, I am regularly asked what I see happening in the industry. For several years I’ve waited and can finally report I’m seeing an increasing number of opportunities as integrative medicine grows.

Society is mainstreaming integrative medicine.
I see this bandwagon rolling along nicely now. This growth is in response to the demand of the patients who are not getting their health care needs met through the conventional model of medicine.

Integrative medicine is breaking through the conventional barriers as a growing number of providers and patients are choosing patient-centered care.

A Growing Number of Providers

I talk to physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who pursue integrative medicine training because they are not able to provide the patient-focused care necessary to heal and educate patients. They seek integrative medicine because they want the freedom to practice medicine as it should be, through prevention, education and the treatment of the cause of illness. They seek additional training to do this investing their own time and finances.

The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine Fellowship Program began in 1997 with 2 graduates per year. Since then the Fellowship has graduated nearly 1000 physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with about 120 new graduates per year. The Institute of Functional Medicine continues to grow as well and reports attendance at their Annual International Conference jumped 45% from 2012 to 2013.

Medical schools are also answering to the demand. In 2008 The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine launched its Integrative Medicine in Residency program. By 2012, 33 institutions adopted the curriculum. The Institute of Functional Medicine reports faculty from one-fifth of medical schools in the US have attended their foundational training course, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice. And The Consortium of Academic Health Center for Integrative Medicine now has 57 highly esteemed academic medical centers in their membership.

Some of these trained integrative medicine providers are establishing their own practices and experiencing immediate practice growth in response to the demand.

A Growing Number of Established Practices

I reach out to integrative practices regularly to build my business. I make many more contacts today than I did two years ago, or even a year ago. My list of integrative practices grows every week and these practices are growing organically.

I’ve worked with practices across the nation that have grown simply by word of mouth and seek my help to source an additional provider. They are in the West, mid-West, East, suburban and rural settings, and many times in less progressive communities.

I’ve also worked with practices in larger cities that have utilized strong marketing efforts to build their practices, and it has worked. Their increase in patient load required that that they hire additional providers.

In both instances the practices continue to grow by word of mouth because integrative medicine actually gets people better, PLUS, they stay better. The integrative medicine word is spreading from the patients whose experience is the evidence and proof it is effective.

Hospitals are responding to the demand as well. A 2011 American Hospital Association report found that 42 percent of surveyed hospitals offer one or more Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) services with their conventional services.

A Collective Action

Some of the most transformative shifts in our country have happened without any initiation from the government. The Green movement, organic movement, women’s suffrage and the abolishment of slavery, all broke through the conventional barriers from the collective action of people working towards a common goal.

The integrative medicine collective action is the catalyst for the movement towards patient-centered care. “The People” are leading the movement and with more providers available, more patients will find optimal health and the word will continue to spread.

Future of Healthcare

Integrative medicine is the future of healthcare. The only solution to achieving optimal health is through personalized health care that addresses the cause of the illness and the mind, body, spirit and environmental factors impacting health.

In the midst of health care reform, a shortage of primary care physicians, and an overweight and chronically ill country, it’s important to acknowledge some good that is happening. The good is integrative medicine is growing. We have more providers available to spend the necessary time with patients to provide the patient-centered care required to achieve health.

Understanding we have a long road ahead, I am encouraged by the shift that is happening. In the words of Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” and the steps “The People” are taking will make integrative medicine the standard of care. Integrative medicine is meeting the demands of the people and healing our health care system one practitioner and one patient at a time.

Family Medicine Physician Opportunity – Pennsylvania

Wednesday, November 6th, 2013

Large well-established Integrative Medicine center in Pennsylvania is searching for a BC/BE Family Medicine Physician. This multi-disciplinary center provides comprehensive patient-centered care and integrates natural therapies into conventional medical diagnosis and treatment.

Position offers guaranteed base salary with generous productivity incentive, comprehensive benefits package and relocation considered.

Located in a beautiful, quaint area 1 hour from Philadelphia. Interested candidates contact Lisa McDonald at Integrated Connections;

5 Reasons to Hire an Integrative Medicine Physician

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

This post was written by Poorvi Shah, DO, Integrative Medicine Physician

1. Public Demand.

Now more than ever, patients desire an integrative medicine approach to their condition. They want to find the root cause of their illness.  With all of the literature on whole living, nutrition, and integrative therapies, the consumer demand for integrative services is at its highest. This demand has warranted large institutions such as Harvard Medical School, Duke University, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic, and the University of Calfornia, San Francisco to establish integrative medicine clinics.

2. Patients Lack Direction when Choosing an Integrative Practitioner.

Only 12% of patients who use integrative therapies were referred by a physician. Most patients seek an integrative medicine solution on their own, often led on a goose chase of several therapies, some of which are not evidence based and fail, thus spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of unnecessary dollars. An integrative physician sees the patient, recommends the appropriate evidence based therapy, can save the patient and insurance system money. Patients want direction and the ability to discuss CAM integrative therapies with their physician and receive advice.

3. Integrative Therapies Help with Stress Related Illness.

Studies predict that up to 80% of primary care physician visits are for stress related conditions. Therapies such as mindfulness based stress reduction, meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, massage, osteopathy, acupuncture and others can help manage stress, and stress related disorders effectively.

4. Physician Resistance of Integrative Medicine creates a rift in the doctor­ patient relationship.

In a nationwide study of hospitals that offer integrative therapies, 44% listed ‘physician resistance’ as a top hurdle. Patients are often unwilling to share information about the use of integrative therapies with their physician. If a physician is not aware of all the treatments a patient is undergoing, she cannot provide comprehensive, quality care. The physician feels like she failed and the patient loses trust in their doctor. Being open to ALL of a patient’s needs is the best approach, and is taught to integrative medicine physicians.

5. Treating the Whole Person Just Makes Sense.

In the early days, physicians were leaders in their community, medicine men, and healers. They looked at the body, mind, and spirit of each patient. Using this approach as the root of preventive care, integrative medicine physicians create well­being and balance by addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual issues in one’s life. Integrative medicine physicians not only help prevent disease, but offer patients a chance at optimal health.

Gratitude for Integrative Medicine Providers

Wednesday, November 21st, 2012

At this time when we are reminded to be aware of all we are grateful for, I reflect on my appreciation for being able to work with the incredible healthcare providers who are leading the transformation of our healthcare system – the integrative medicine providers.  I am grateful for this specialized group of healthcare providers and admire the characteristics they generally share.


Integrative medicine (IM) providers embark on a new journey knowing it is not always accepted or supported, and may not result in increased financial rewards, but proceed with conviction because they truly care about people’s health and well being.  They are passionate about educating and empowering their patients to achieve and sustain better health through an integrated approach that supports healing and promotes health.

The journey that leads to practicing IM typically begins with the practitioner who can no longer continue in the role of a provider who is limited to a brief patient visit to simply manage symptoms. They choose a different path because they are committed to the highest good of the patient and are passionate in how they approach practicing medicine.

Committed to Educating and Empowering Patients

A visit to an IM provider may last an hour or longer because they spend the time to understand the whole person.  They create a personalized health plan with each patient that not only heals, but also educates on how to achieve and sustain health; a plan that addresses health and prevention.

Through this partnership, the IM provider educates their patients to discover the power within themselves to make sustainable healthy lifestyle changes and to utilize the many effective modalities available to help them.  They educate on the proven mind-body connection so patients can restore health by working with the body’s innate ability to heal itself and address the root cause of disease, not just addressing the symptoms.

This personalized plan empowers active participation from the patient and requires the patient to accept responsibility for their health.


The IM provider embraces the understanding that no one system has all the answers.  They stay open to the many evidence based disciplines and modalities that have proven safe and effective in treating patients.  They are committed to being aware and continuing their education on the various modalities to ensure they can present the best options possible when creating the personalized health plan with their patient.

Their open-mindedness allows them to provide innovative and preventative treatment approaches customized to each patient.  The options available may include lifestyle modifications, integrative therapies, as well as conventional medicine.

Team Approach

The IM provider adopts a team approach in working with other integrative and conventional practitioners to determine the tools and support necessary to improve health and support behavior change.  They work in concert with knowledgeable and skilled practitioners to select options that will best meet the individualized needs of each patient.

This unified team brings incredible power to finding solutions to health problems and creating individualized prevention and health promotion plans.  The IM provider understands each practitioner in the team has an equal role as a healthcare provider and are each critical in healing and empowering the patient.

Role Models

The IM provider practices what they preach.  They personally adhere to healthy lifestyle behaviors and implement appropriate integrative therapies to create their own personalized health plan.  They are role models to their patients by maintaining health and balance in their own lives.

They know an integrated approach is the path to optimal health and vitality, and that they will be better healers and educators when they take care of themselves.   The IM provider implements the whole person approach into managing their own health in order to live life to its fullest, enjoy their personal relationships and better serve their patients.


The IM providers are leaders in the transformation of our healthcare system from a disease management system to a health promotion system.  The National Institute of Health predicts that all healthcare providers will be versed in integrative medicine modalities by the year 2020.  Integrative medicine will be the standard of care, and the IM providers are leading the way.

Their passion, commitment, open-mindedness and team approach enables them to be stellar role models and leaders that embody the change that is much needed in our healthcare system.

I am grateful for the valuable work they do, and the opportunity I have to work with all integrative medicine practitioners.  I whole heartedly believe integrative medicine is the answer to the epidemic of chronic illness in our country and truly grateful for the integrative medicine providers who are raising our awareness and leading us to becoming a healthier nation.  Their work inspires me to diligently pursue placing them into opportunities that can optimally educate and empower individuals to health and well being.

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